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Hi, I'm Shay.

Welcome to The S Spot!

This is a positive space where I talk about sex/sexuality, publish my toy reviews/guides, and post some pretty sexy images and videos. ^_^

I also answer reader questions - so feel free to send me a message and ask me anything. (Check my archives to see what other people have asked too, maybe someone had the same problem you did!)

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Archive for 'fetish'

Toy Review – Twisted Love Ties

For some reason everyone and their mother seems to own a pair of novelty handcuffs (with or without the fake fur trim) well, I am officially throwing mine away – my friends at SportSheets sent me their Twisted Love Ties and they do the same job, except about a hundred times better.  No, seriously: they’re [...]

Toy Review – Sedeux Harness and Dildo

[click through to see it on]
I’ve never owned a strap-on harness, but I’ve always kinda wanted one, despite not having a partner to use it with.  Imagine my surprise with I opened up the package from my friends at SportSheets and found their Simply Sexy Leather Harness and Skyn silicone dildo!
Of course I couldn’t resist [...]

Yes, Women Can Enjoy Facials

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been bad -
instead of updating the site like a good little sex blogger, I’ve been off skiing and playing too much RockBand2 with my family, but since everyone is taking a break to watch some food network, I was able to sneak away and do a little posting!
We’ve talked about [...]

Product Review – Bondage Chair

With an xmas party coming up and EdenFantasys begging me to pick something from their site to review, I opted for their Inflatabe Bondage Chair; reasoning that I could always use more easy-to-store seating for my guests.  The chair they sent me isn’t the same as the one pictured on the site: I was sent [...]

Product Review – Bondage Tape

I have to admit, I was skeptical of Bondage Tape when I first read about it, but the promise of a non-sticky, re-usable tape did make me curious. I kinda expected it to be about as sticky as a post-it note and didn’t expect it to hold up under pressure – boy was I wrong.
The [...]

Man Has Sex with 1k Cars, VW "Girlfriend" Un-phased

I’ve been thinking about THIS news story about the guy who has had sex with over 1,000 cars (what a slut! ^_~).
In case you missed it, this gentleman, Mr Smith, first had sex with a car when he was 15 (he’s now 57). He says that he’s just never felt an physical attraction to [...]

How "Dirty" Are my Dirty Panties?

I was working on something cool for you guys late last night, but just couldn’t get the coding to work. :( I tried to fix the problem this morning, but so far no luck. So instead, please enjoy this reader question answered.“First, thanks for being a non judgmental source of information for [...]

Reader Question – I Only Want Hentai

My laptop is sick, the hardrive is making scary noises and it’s having trouble booting, for the time being I’m borrowing my roommate’s laptop. So, let’s answer another reader question today:

“I’m only attracted to fictional female characters, anime etc… and not actual females. My question is, is there a name for this type [...]

What’s Cuter Than One Cunt?



Seriously though, not too long ago a reader sent me an e-mail asking about the kind of porn where two women get off by rub their pussies together. My reader was particularly aroused by this and wanted to know if there was a special term for this act so that they could search for images [...]

The S Spot Corrupts Your Childhood 3 – at least… if you owned a nintendo…

My roommate has been getting more and more excited about the release of the new Super Smash Bros game; and with the Japanese launch of the game late last week, we couldn’t resist checking out which characters are making an appearance.
**spoiler alert!!**
Turns out that Falco is back to fight alongside his pal Fox
(we were worried [...]