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Product Review - Bondage Chair

With an xmas party coming up and EdenFantasys begging me to pick something from their site to review, I opted for their Inflatabe Bondage Chair; reasoning that I could always use more easy-to-store seating for my guests.  The chair they sent me isn’t the same as the one pictured on the site: I was sent a chair from the Fetish Fantasy Series (who make a whole line of fun inflatable furniture), it has one more set of straps than pictured, at the elbows, and is black (not brown), which I thought was better.

I set some of my early arriving guests the task of blowing up the chair and waited to see if anyone would notice that there was something “special” about it.  It took quite a while for them to inflated the chair (in hindsight, I wish I’d had the hand-pump too  — which EF doesn’t seem to carry), but it wasn’t long before they noticed the straps.

Immediately they decided that once the chair was fully inflated the next guest to arrive would have to be strapped in - but over the course of the party a number of people took turns in the chair.  We discovered that the chair was quite durable; a number of different people of different heights and weights tried it out (though none of us approached the 300lb limit specified by the manufacturers) and it was put through a number of different abuses: from being lifted up into the air with a passenger inside, to some victims attempting to walk around while still strapped in.

Although many tried, we found it that the velcro held well and no one could break free of the straps when they were affixed correctly - but, it wasn’t hard to reach one arm across to undo the straps on the other side when you’d had enough of being tied up.  The chair held it’s air well and is still sitting next to my desk - my cat likes to curl up in it while I work at home. ^_~

So, what’s the verdict?

What we liked: As I’ve already mentioned, the chair is quite durable and is still holding it’s air just fine.  The straps are comfortable to wear and hold tight.  I think it’s a very good thing that your victim could escape if they wanted/needed to, because that makes this toy a little safer and makes players feel more comfortable, esp if they’re new to the bondage scene (like we were).  It’s also fairly comfy to sit in (and worked well as extra seating for my xmas party).

What we didn’t like: I think the main complaint would be that it took a while to inflate, so you’ll want some kind of pump to help you. It should also be noted that if you’re tall, you might not be able to use the chair comfortably (one of our guests was 6″2 and couldn’t have his legs strapped in).

This toy would be great for: couples new to bondage play who are looking for easy-to-store sex furniture (and/or fun extra seating at parties ^_~).   In terms of sex play, the chair is too deep for penetrative sex; in any case, unless the combined weight of both parties is under 300lbs, it’s not really safe - but this bondage chair would work quite well for extended teasing foreplay, or for oral/manual play with a guy strapped in.

Overall the Inflatable Bondage Chair was a hit at my party: it gets a 8 out of 10.

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