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Toy Review - Twisted Love Ties

For some reason everyone and their mother seems to own a pair of novelty handcuffs (with or without the fake fur trim) well, I am officially throwing mine away - my friends at SportSheets sent me their Twisted Love Ties and they do the same job, except about a hundred times better.  No, seriously: they’re like giant squishy twist ties that you can use to tie people up!

As soon as I busted these out of the packaging we immediately starting playing with them; bending the ties around each others’ wrists and just seeing what they could do.  I’ve played with some bondagey toys before, but none were as “flexible” as these: we changed rooms, we changed positions, we changed who was tied up - all with minimum fuss with the ties.

What we liked: we really had a fun time playing with these ties, they were really easy to use - you just wrap them around someone’s wrist(s) and/or ankle(s) and/or any furniture that might be handy.  They hold really well too, even if you’re left with only a little bit at the end to loop over (like in the photo above).  I am not so good with bondage knots, so I liked that I didn’t really have to do anything fancy to tie or un-tie someone using these.  The ties are quite versatile too; you can bind someone loosely so that they can get out if they get nervous (or too frisky) or bind them tightly so that they’ll have to wait for you to set them free.

What we didn’t like: I guess the only thing that surprised me (he didn’t seem to care) was that the wires inside the ties were a little stiffer than I expected - it’s not like I had to muscle them, but I did have to use a little force to bend the ties how I wanted them.  Oh and be gentle using these,  I definitely got the impression that you could bruise someone’s wrist if you were too rough.

This item would be great for: bondage beginners. Like I said, you don’t have to know knots to use these babies effectively and tie your partner up in all kinds of fun positions.  It’s a playful way to introduce a partner, or both of you,  to light bondage play.

Sportsheet’s Twisted Love Ties get a knotty 8 out of 10:

(You can buy your own set HERE)

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