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Where's the Most Awkward Place You've Been Turned On?

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“Of course, everyone… or mostly everyone, knows that guys can get boners at the oddest times. Sometimes it’s merely a stray thought, other times, it’s nothing at all, and suddenly there’s a boner to worry about, often in [...]

Porn Can be a Bit of an Ethical Grey Area

“Hello there,

Like a lot of men, and an increasing number of women, I like porn.  Hentai is great, and so is the live action stuff. However, lately I find myself being more responsible for what I consume. I don’t spend any money, but a page view still generates advertising revenue, which means now [...]

How/Where do YOU Stash YOUR Porn?

Congress Announces Plan To Hide Nation’s Porn From Future Generations

Period Sex?

I have always been SO confused by the commercials for menstrual products showing women in white clothes.  My thoughts have always been: “dude, that’s just asking for trouble – what are you thinking?!”

On a similar vein, I’ve been trying to convince my roommate to be more open to having sex with [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 177

I did NOT forget about putting up a CBW for today

In fact, today’s also comes with a question:

“Hi Shay, I thought I would send this along to you for cockblogging wednesday.  And I have a question you might pose to your readers.
As you can see in the picture,  I [...]

Which Sex Country Would You Live In?

I’ve been sitting on this link for a while.
So if you haven’t already checked out this neat interactive Sex Map you should def have a look.

How many green pins did YOU get to put in?

What Would You Do?

If you didn’t quite have enough cash for something that you really wanted… something like… a nice new car or a fairytale wedding – would  you preform in and market your own porn videos?  I tweeted about this yesterday, but I’m still thinking about the couple that did just that.

I’m debating [...]

Bedroom Trades

I recently posted some ideas for a reader who wanted to know how she could get her partner to give her want she wants in bed…

And that got me thinking.

How do you get what you want in bed?

Do you try to subtly hint?
Do you demand?
Do you turn [...]

Audio DoaF? Cast Your Vote!

Well well well
It seems a few of you really enjoyed my first attempt at video blogging.

I’ve been getting e-mails asking if I could do another video, this time featuring me reading a section of Diary of a Futa aloud.

If you’ve been wondering the same thing, here is my answer [...]

Exes in the Spank Bank

A week or two ago I was talking (via Twitter) about how I know that at least one of my exes still keeps me (and some photos of me) in his “spank bank”.

What’s a spank bank?
It’s the area in a person’s mind (and/or computer) where they store sexy stuff (ideas, images, [...]