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What Would You Do?


If you didn’t quite have enough cash for something that you really wanted… something like… a nice new car or a fairytale wedding – would  you preform in and market your own porn videos?  I tweeted about this yesterday, but I’m still thinking about the couple that did just that.

I’m debating whether this is even really that news-worthy; how many people run adult websites where they post pictures or stream live feeds of themselves preforming various sex acts?  Lots!  Some of them do it for fun, some to supplement their income, and others make enough money that their personal website can be their primary (and only) income!

Maybe this story seems newsworthy because this couple appeared “average” until they decided to pick a (seemingly) unique way to make some extra cash for something special.  I wonder if they’ll keep up with making these videos even after their wedding – making your own porn might be pretty addictive!!

So, what are your thoughts on this whole thing?

5 comments to What Would You Do?

  • Wow, I don’t know. Use to tease back on forth on webcam awhile back. Don’t know if this would feel any different.

  • I can’t imagine what freaky sort of person would want to watch a porn video with me in. And I would be mortally embarrassed.

    But I don’t have any moral objections to the idea. Good luck to ‘em. The world would probably be a better place if we all felt free to do that.

  • I plan to try making amateur porn in the future.

  • Julien

    Could be a lot of fun! People do exhibition all the time: having sex in public, flashing vehicles, etc. While this is a bit more permanent, for the right couple it could be a hell of a turn on. And really, we live in a world that’s become saturated with reality TV – is being a literal cam-whore (sorry for the pun) any different?

  • I totally would…Have thought about this recently actually… Then again its not really that much more of a jump from phonesex work (which I already do). Although Im not sure if boyfriend would be up to it or not hehe.


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