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Let’s Get This Show Back on the Road!

Hey there readers!!

Turns out it’s actually pretty challenging to maintain a blog while you’re trying to complete a PhD – who knew?!

But all is not lost! I don’t want to just disappear forever!

Come join me on Tumblr! Apparently it’s where all the kids are interneting these days.

I’ll be posting regular updates and reblogs and you can learn new things like: I’m awful at making hashtags (#notascreativeasIthought) I’m a bit of a comicbook geek I abhor nonconsensual violence against women and the oppression of people I have a weird sense of humour and aesthetics. And much more!!!

Anyway, if you’re interested, come visit and maybe follow my tumblr page!


Cocktoberfest 2013!

Well how about that!

We didn’t have to miss out on cocktoberfest this year afterall!

I have for you a spontaneous submission from one of our long time readers  and cock-tributors – FullyNaked!

Our friend here is wearing a bottle of red ale from a brewery I visited the last time I was on Prince Edward Island – yum!


click through!

Just wondering if you’re posting for cocktoberfest this year.  Miss you - Fullynaked.

Thanks so much for the contribution FN! <3


How’s your cliteracy?

Did YOU know that the clit isn’t just a little button on the outside of the vagina?
Did you know that’s that’s just a tiny piece of a larger pleasure structure that’s hidden inside the vulva?


Did you KNOW than an unerect clitoris can be up to 9cm long?!
That’s LONGER than an unerect PENIS!

I’m loving that Sofia Wallace is out there, promoting better cliteracy using street art!

Blurred Boys

Not a fresh find, but still a fun one

Captions! Captions Everywhere!

You know what we haven’t played in WAY too long?

So how about it?

Have a look at the picture below:


And leave a comment below saying what you think any of the characters are saying or thinking!

Back up!

Well… that was awkward!

Turns out I went on vacation and forgot to update my billing info with my website hosting company.

So I came back to a bunch of overdue invoice notices and my site was down!

Hope I didn’t scare too many of you!



I’m not sure what it is about it, but this image fascinates me!
I feel like I need to see this enacted live to really understand how it works:tumblr_mrueoseJvp1ry9pwso1_1280

What are your thoughts/impressions ?

Good Work Americans – Re: DOMA and Prop 8

It’s baby steps – but we’re getting there!


And I’m sure this song is blasting all over the place today

Story Time :)

I recently had an email from a longtime reader who was having a problem.

It seems that they were a very active commenter on The S Spot (which I love!! <3 <3 <3 ), but had been using their “real life” business email address. While I definitely appreciate you leaving a real email address with your comments (so that I can contact you to follow up, if need be), this caused a problem for this reader when a work colleague googled them and came across all their naughty little comments here!

Luckily they were able to use a google tool to search and highlight all their comments for me and I manually went through and edited them to protect this reader’s identity from future awkward co-worker discoveries.

So, the take-away from this little story, my dear readers, is this: do leave comments on your favourite sexy websites, but make sure you use a different email address so that co-workers can’t see your private interests (unless you want them to – kinky!!)




Product Review – Chun Li (women’s costume)

urlFan Expo weekend is coming up in Toronto and to prepare I thought I’d order myself a cute Chun Li costume from my friends at Costume Discounters.

The costume arrived very speedily from UPS (yay!) and I was super excited to try it on!
Since I tend to range (depending on the store) between a size 6 and a size 8, I ordered the costume in medium (better too big than too small I thought to myself – FORESHADOWING!).  I was delighted that package would come with the dress, the sash, the hair dealies, and the spiky bracelets (since not all the Chun Li costumes on the market do).  When I opened up the package, I found that all the fabric pieces were intact and made out of the same light polyester material usually used to make these types costumes.  The bracelets were pretty fantastic and sturdy, which was impressive.

Unfortunately I had some problems with the dress.  Remember I ordered a medium?  It’s supposed to fit someone sized 8-10, so it should have been perfectly fine on me – it was not.  The sleeves were very tight and uncomfortable and the skirt barely (and I mean dangerously barely) fit over my hips.  The dress has velcro closures at intervals up and down the back.  On one hand this type of closure is terrible because it’s not very secure, on the other hand, if there had been a zipper I would have likely ripped the whole dress apart as soon as I moved – with the velcro I merely undid the back of the dress when I moved my arms.  Still, I soldiered on.  The next step was to tie on the sash.  Maybe I’m stronger than I thought, because as soon as I pulled the sash tight, it started to come apart at the seams!

In conclusion.  It was a nice try, but the costume is unwearable for me.  I guess I’ll just hold on to the spiky bracelets in the hopes that I find something else that works as  a Chun Li dress.