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A Big Question

“Hey, Shay. I’m back for more advice.

You might be pleased to hear that I began my first (ever) relationship with a great guy. He’s 21. I’m a 19 year old girl and very new to every aspect of being in a relationship, especially when it comes to sex.
I am a virgin and so far I’ve [...]

Staying Safer

“I’m curious to know your take on a situation I’m in. I’m a 20 year old female and I’ve had sex with 5 men. About 3 weeks ago, I had a one night stand with someone whom I later found out is verrrryy promiscuous. He’s been with 25-30 women. After hearing this info, I freaked. [...]

Penis Research Update

What kind of a webmistress would I be if I didn’t keep you up to date on the latest peen news?!  A busy one?  Well yes… but hush!  I have interesting tidings about wangs.

A study was recently published finding that men who have been circumcised have a decreased risk of catching icky things [...]

Anal Rule #1 Don’t Put Little Things Up Your Bum

“So I was experimenting with a bit of anal play since i heard that the feeling the prostate is a good stimulus, and I did something really stupid. I got a small dice, a pretty small one, put a bit of lotion on it, and stuck it up my ass. I masturbated and that was [...]

Being Safe? Oh It’s Worth It

“Hi Shay. Me and my girlfriend want to have sex soon but I realised getting a condom would be a bit of a challenge. How do most people my age, 18, get them? I dont really want to go into the supermarket and buy a pack like that, its a bit embarassing. Thanks“

I’m sorry, there [...]

But… Sex is SUPPOSED to Feel Good!

It actually took me a few tries to reply to this e-mail because I kept freaking out and had to try starting over when I could calm down again. I feel like this kind of e-mail really highlights the sorry state of sex education in North America:

“Well, I’ve been reading your blog/site for awhile now, [...]

Fellatio Frustrations

I feel like I’m cheating you when my posts are too short, so I’ve decided to pair these two questions about blowjobs together. Even though they are about different issues and are from different readers, they do have two things in common: 1. they’re both about BJs and 2. both questions and answers are short!
Enjoy! [...]

Lay-tex Condom(e) – I’d like to live in one of those!

“I am newly experienced and cannot quite bring myself to ask my girlfriend (she is more experienced than I am) the following questions. Can a girl tell the difference when her guy is/is not wearing a condom? Does it make a difference to her? Can she tell a difference when he cums and is/is not [...]

Multi-part Answer to a Multi-part Question

Sometimes readers just can’t resist asking a whole bunch of questions all at once!

“Dear Shay,
This is my first time writing to you for adivice/answers. I love your blog and I have a couple of questions. Well, here it goes.

Tasting yourself. perfectly safe right? I’m a guy and I have tried my pre-cum, [...]

Film Fridays – No Excuses!

Yet another wonderful clip from Man Stroke WomanIt sucks that women are so often forced into playing the role of “gate-keepers”, but I guess someone’s got to do it.