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Multi-part Answer to a Multi-part Question

Sometimes readers just can’t resist asking a whole bunch of questions all at once!

Dear Shay,
This is my first time writing to you for adivice/answers. I love your blog and I have a couple of questions. Well, here it goes.

Tasting yourself. perfectly safe right? I’m a guy and I have tried my pre-cum, which tastes pretty good, but I’m a little intimidated with trying the actual cum. What can I do to get myself to taste it? I want to know what it tastes like.
I know that doing oral can possibly result in a std, but what if you’re just masturbating your partner with your fingers? Can you still get anything?
Addition to the first, how flexible do I have to be in order to suck my own dick?
Lastly, I am still curious as to whether I am bi-sexual. I mean relationship wise, I only go with the ladies, but sexually, I have had fantasies where I would have sex with not only a girl, but a guy, or both. Something that I am curious to try, but how do I know for sure if these feelings are only fantasies?

1) Yes tasting yourself is perfectly safe, you’re not going to catch anything from your own fluids haha. If you want to try tasting your own cum (lots of guys have tried it, you’re not alone), maybe just start with a little on your fingertip to lick off – that way you won’t be so intimidated.

2) Yes, it is feasible that you could get an STI or HIV from fingering a partner – esp if you have a cut or any open skin on your hands (even a hang-nail). The truly super safe use ruber gloves for digital play, while the rest of us just try to keep our risk factors low (both of you tested, no open wounds on the hands, etc). Also, it’s unlikely that you would get a something like a chlamydia infection in your finger, put you could potentially pass one on to another person if you finger in them soon after exposure.
To be honest, I would say that digital play is pretty low risk play, but there still is risk there.

3) Haha I don’t know exactly how flexible you have to be to suck your own dick [how about: flexible enough?], but I can tell you that with training and practice it IS possible – I do yoga regularly and I know that if I had a dick I would be able to suck it. ^_~

And as for your last question, I think this (very old) post might help you.

1 comment to Multi-part Answer to a Multi-part Question

  • exile

    first of all:
    “if I had a dick I would be able to suck it. ^_~”

    that line right there, that’s why we love you shay!

    oh, btw, you might want to revise #1. you forgot about genital herpies. if you have that on your wang you can transmit it to your mouth if you spoon down a glob of manchowder.

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