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Lubes, Vaginas, and UTIs

“I’m curious about lubes, especially those pesky water-based ones containing glycerin. It seems common enough knowledge that the glycerin can induce yeast infections if you’re prone to them; but no one seems to know whether there’s an increased risk of urinary tract infections.

So, can water-based, glycerin-housing lube give me a UTI?

Oh, and while I’m [...]

Semen Allergy or Just an Upset Tummy?

“Yesterday I was with a brand new partner, I gave him a blowjob, and swallowed. Today, I had woken up around 7am feeling unusually tired and queesy then, around 5:30pm, after a ride in the car, vomited, feeling instantly better afterward.

I do have a history of car sickness, but this is not the first time [...]

It’s Testicular Cancer Awareness Week

To help you become more aware of your testiculars, please examine this sexy chart (source)

To read even more about the cool stuff your testicles do, check out THESE POSTS!

A Man With a Picky Orgasm

“Hey shay,

I’ve got a problem. Me and my girlfriend have been together for a while now, and have been having sex for a couple weeks now. My problem is that no matter how long we go I can never cum while I’m having sex with her, I have to have her give me head for [...]

Painful Penetration

“Hey Shay, i’m still a virgin, but recently my boyfriend and I are trying to have sex.
The first time he tried to penetrate was painful but i was sort of expecting that. But now it’s been a few weeks, and we have tried several times but the pain is too much for me to bear. [...]

Sometimes You Need Date Night With Yourself

“Hi, Shay,
I’ve read your blog for some time now, and I think it’s great! I have a pretty detailed question, so if you have time I’d really appreciate some advice. I’m a virgin, although my ex and I fooled around a lot and got to oral, etc., without actual penetration.  I’ve always masturbated by crossing [...]

Arousal Fail

I spotted this news story about a woman who was injured in a car accident – happens all the time, right?  But how many people do you know whose injury involves becoming permanently turned on!?

Sounds kinda sexy at first I guess.  I mean, I know some people get clit hood piercings because they WANT to [...]

World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day!
For those of you who still aren’t sure, aids is an incurable disease of the immune system that affects both gay and straight people all over the world.
It’s serious stuff.

So my friends at Eden Fantasys have organized a twitter fundraiser:
If their hashtag, #Eden1K4AIDS, gets 1,000 tweets from [...]

Cum Allergies and Problems with DS

“Can cum make you sick? Last night I sucked off my boyfriend till he came in my mouth and about a half an hour to an hour later I started to have a bad stomach ache and the stomach ache carried on to this morning im feeling alot better now but im curious why I [...]

The Sexiest Smells

The season of delicious smells is approaching us – personally, I just love the fresh scent of pine trees, the warm and cozy smell of apple cider and cloves, the tingly scent of peppermint, and yummy smelling gingerbread and pumpkin pie (not to mention all the other tasty food)!

But do all these nice [...]