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Give a Girl a Chance

I present to you a song about handjobs.
Hurray for handjobs… well, except that there appears to be a learning curve.

Actually one of the concerns they speak to is the worry that they are going to hurt their partners’ penis.
Which totally made me laugh because it has always surprised me how rough [...]

Dating and Relating

“I am 18, and a bit of a loner. I have never been in a relationship of any kind, and I’d just like to ask how the entire process works.  I have girl friends, of course, but it’s the all important space between the words. As a bit of background, I am a geek, smart, [...]

Afraid of Anal Play

“My Girlfriend is into anal play. She likes to play with me in that area plus she wants me to play with her there also. I am not at all comfortable with her playing with that area on me, but it is something she really enjoys and REALLY wants to do. I just can’t let [...]

Dildo and Vibe Safety

“so I bought my girl a dildo at a local sexshop, and, I want to ask you, is it just because she’s never had a dildo inside her or does the dildo have to do something with it because she kept complaining it hurt, untill I took it out, and it accidentaly slipped, it got [...]

A Man With a Picky Orgasm

“Hey shay,

I’ve got a problem. Me and my girlfriend have been together for a while now, and have been having sex for a couple weeks now. My problem is that no matter how long we go I can never cum while I’m having sex with her, I have to have her give me head for [...]

Advice for a New Dildo User

“I was recently given a dildo by a friend as I kept complaining about my lack of sex. Now I’m alone in the house, everyone out working or getting educated, I thought I’d try it out. So I lubed up and got playing with myself. After I orgasmed, thus I thought fully relaxed, I applied [...]

Painful Penetration

“Hey Shay, i’m still a virgin, but recently my boyfriend and I are trying to have sex.
The first time he tried to penetrate was painful but i was sort of expecting that. But now it’s been a few weeks, and we have tried several times but the pain is too much for me to bear. [...]

Oral Advice

“Hey Shay! I have a question about performing oral for my girlfriend. To be honest, I’m nervous about doing it. I know she wants me to, but I can’t bring myself to. I want to make her happy in any way possible, so could you give me some pointers on eating her out?“

It’s natural to [...]

Shower Sex

“Hi Shay!  I’m a new reader, and I just wanted to ask about something that’s been bugging me and my girlfriend for a while.
We’ve been considering having sex in the shower, but we don’t really know what that means for protection. Do condoms work in water, will lube just be washed off, etc. Also, I’m [...]

Getting What You Want In Bed

“I have three questions. I’ll be straight and to the point, then provide background. Alright? Here goes.  My boyfriend is a little dense when it comes to sexual things, what’s the best way to go about teaching him?  And two, do scratches in the va-goo heal quickly, or would they easily be infected?  And the [...]