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Shower Sex

Hi Shay!  I’m a new reader, and I just wanted to ask about something that’s been bugging me and my girlfriend for a while.
We’ve been considering having sex in the shower, but we don’t really know what that means for protection. Do condoms work in water, will lube just be washed off, etc. Also, I’m sure we’ll get better at this once we try it, but do you have any tips for positions or other ideas?

Yup! Condoms work just fine in water – so you can wear them into the shower, tub, pool, wherever you’re taking your penis.  However, it might be a little tricky to put them on WHILE you’re in the shower, so you might want to get hard and put it on before you get in (or hop out, dry your peen a bit, and slide it on).

As for lube, yeah the lube on the condom and your KY will mostly be washed away by the water, but her natural juices should be a little more resilient.  If you’d like to have some extra lube, try using something silicone based because it’ll stand up better to wet conditions. ^_~

Shower sex can be a lot of fun, but you do have to be a little bit careful because you certainly don’t want to slip and fall (hint: that can be a bit of a mood killer). My fave shower sex positions are all standing ones.   You could press her up against the wall of the shower and have sex facing each other; or she could put one leg up on the edge of the tub to give you better access while you hold her steady; or she could face away from you, bending over a little and bracing herself on the shower wall while you do her from behind.  If you don’t trust your legs, you could always sit on the edge of the tub while she rides in your lap, either facing away from you or face to face.

If you have a detachable shower head, you might enjoy using that to stimulate each other before and while you’re having sex – as well as to just run it over each other if you start to get cold.

The shower can also be a great place to experiment with “messier” things that you might have wanted to try – facials (since your partner can wash their face right away), watersports, etc.

Some warnings:
Be careful of the shower curtain, try not to snag it or hold on to it because you could rip it off it’s hooks.  Check out the shower curtain rod too – if it doesn’t look screwed into the wall don’t grab onto it for balance (even if it does look steady, go easy on it when you hold it).  Also, make sure there are no drips of soap or lube on the floor of the shower, as I mentioned above slipping and hurting yourself kinda kills the buzz. You might want to look into getting something like THIS if you need an extra handhold while you’re in the shower.
Another tip for shower sex – wash the soap off your bodies first, there are some places that just don’t need your bodywash (like the inside of a vagina)!

Water saving tip – shower foreplay and sex is fun, but you can conserve water by starting your foreplay before you get in, while the two of you are undressing each other.

Have fun!20091214192932

3 comments to Shower Sex

  • you’re right about the soap– it does not belong inside of you.

    the second most painful anal fuck i had was with a man who decided to use bodywash as a *lubricant* hello! it burnt so badly that i had to force him out of me and it kept hurting for over an hour and remained sore for a day.

    on the other hand, i’ve had sex both vaginally and anally in soapy bathtubs dozens of times with no ill effect.

  • Julien

    Shower sex is definitely great, but in my experience it can take a bit longer to climax whether you’re penetrating her or mutually masturbating – don’t know why exactly, or if this applies to everyone, but I do remember one girlfriend that got rather frustrated the first time we tried it.

  • Maikeru

    I’ve found that oral is easier for both parties in the shower since mouths don’t get dry. However, I’d suggest a bath pillow for the recipient (they’re water proof and have suction cups on the back of them) if they’re reclining in the tub/basin. I’d also suggest one of those semi-cushioned, non-slip bath tub mats (which also have suction cups on them) since it makes kneeling, crouching, and standing for long periods of time a lot more comfortable.

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