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Shay’s Special Film Friday (so special it’s not even on a Friday!)

I’ve decided to dip my toe into the word of video blogging, my dear readers.

And you are going to be my first test audience!

Are you honoured?
Oh good, maybe that’ll help convince you to go easy on me with the critiquing.


And so, without further ado, I present to you my video debut on the internets!

So what did you think?

You loved it?!

Psst, if you’re curious about the products I used in the video, you can check out the dildo HERE (remember when I reviewed it?) and the condoms HERE.

Wow… what should I do for my next vid!?

22 comments to Shay’s Special Film Friday (so special it’s not even on a Friday!)

  • Sheppardde

    That was good! You took a subject which could be embarrassing– I’m still embarrassed when I buy condom at the store and thus go to one quite far from my house so that I never end up shopping their for anything “normal”– and made it very normal –which is exactly what sex needs to be, that is a readily accepted topic which peers can discuss without fear of embarrassment. I think using the proper terms, Penis and Vagina, was a good touch as well because it made the video feel more…I’m not sure of the word, professional perhaps? Hopefully this will be a fantastic reference to people who don’t currently know how to properly use a condom.
    In simple terms- Great video.

  • Morning-Wood

    The moral of the story? Always bring shay with you when you need to put on a condom.

    Hehe, jokes aside… The video was done well. You handled a subject which many are too afraid or embarrassed to ask questions about, and handled it in a very professional manner. (I was also amused by the kitty drive-by at the end lol… I am very easily amused)

    So, the video was both highly informative, and it also gave us a little preview of shay! (which is what most of us secretly enjoyed about the video. <3 shay shay)

    Do another video blog, but sit in an old fashion rocking-chair in front of a fireplace and do story time with DoaF. *shay opens an old musty tome* "Once upon a time, there was a magical futa princess…."

  • You could always do your next one half-nekkid! ;-)

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been by. Why is that?

  • Jo

    Thanks for that, Shay! I did comment on the video too but thought I’d say thanks again.

    This is such an important topic, and is equally important for girls to understand as it is for guys.
    Us girlies should be able to understand correct condom usage to safeguard ourselves, rather than letting him get on with it.
    Being able to do it for him can be fun too! Hee hee x

  • That was great. I especially liked the pussy shot at the end.
    Next week, a demo on how to put a condom on using your mouth?

  • I loved the part near the end where you slap the condom-covered dildo across your palm. WHAP! And the cat, of course, now needs to get a SAG card.

  • Tank

    y didnt we get to see your face? :’( other then that, nice vid shay.

  • Mihal Aviri

    Great video, that is about all I can say. Everyone else stole all the good jokes and comments, so yeah.

  • Double Z

    I’m glad to see a video on how to put on a condom here, but what I hardly see are .. well how to put on a condom on someone uncircumcised. Or someone with a lot of skin, obviously it’d be difficult to demonstrate, but extra advice would help!

  • Infinity_Xero

    I loved it, it was very informational, and I love your tips lol. Also, your voice is very cute ^^

  • Shay

    Sheppardde – Oooh I never thought of buying condoms at a different store than I buy other things. haha Oh well, too late now. ^_~

    Morning-Wood – hehe well I’m glad you enjoyed seeing me, but shhhh! How did you know what I was planning to do next?!^_~

    Obasso – pfft how do you know I WASN’T half-naked? haha

    Jo – I agree, I’ve always been the one who puts the condom on; purely for the fun of it! But it IS important for women to take part in the whole safe-sex thing; partly so that they know that it’s ON and partly because it’s fun and sexy and helps keep the mood intact.

    SSS – Oh ICK! Sorry, but you’ll never catch me putting a condom in my mouth – those things taste BAD!

    Prospero – haha! Yeah Yuki was just so curious about what I was doing! I had to stop two takes because she had jumped up on the table.

    Tank – because my camera person was so short! shhhh you’ll hurt their feelings. ^_~

    MA – well thanks ^_^

    NDO – yay!

    DoubleZ – hmmm yes that IS difficult to demonstrate, I feel like I’ve talked about it before on the site, but maybe I haven’t been asked about that yet!

    IX – haha you’re the first person to mention my voice here! Now can you imagine me reading erotica!? haha

  • Matt Murdock

    Very good post I like it I didn’t know about the holding the tip part, also on a unrelated note you are pretty thick very sexy sorry if that is rude

  • Jae

    How excellent and what pretty nails and hands you have. I wish, oh how I wish, I could show this video down at the local high school. Seriously.

  • This just goes to show, being speechless
    is also a part of being well-informed.

    Congrats, on your excellent
    debut on YouTube!!

    `x~Abe’s Heart.

  • Wow! What confidence and courage, Shay! For a long-time established written blogger such as yourself to make the leap into informative video blogging is admirable. Not only that, but you tackle an appropriate subject matter that is clearly not as conducive to the written word and most suitable for video presentation… Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words. I also have no doubt it is infinitely more difficult to SAY the words “penis” and “vagina” (terms which, as Sheppardde points out, make your video more professional and refined) to the world than it is to type it, huh? I’m not sure if I would have the confidence to pull it off convincingly like you did. Thank you for giving us readers a really cute voice behind your words.

    Also: I’m curious if you would be willing to share your personal thoughts on futanari. It’s been several years since your article “Fun with Futanari” offered a glimpse of people’s fascination with this topic. However, I have no doubt that the many male futanari fans such as myself would be fascinated to understand the subtle nuances from a female perspective (i.e. you!). Why do YOU like futanari?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Ronan

    Yay, Shay, way to go. I know you’ve been working on this little tidbit for awhile. Great information and very educational. Shay for Prime Minister!

  • Nortiman

    Shay. Great video, but you have way too many clothes on.

  • Maikeru

    I never expected your voice to be so…erm…small and cute. I’m sure I’ll get used to associating it with the writer of this blog after a few more of your instructional videos.

    Anyway, I think that adding instructional videos made by you to your blog is actually a good tool to promote learning. Some things are just easier demonstrated than read about.

  • Kyle

    Wow, I think it was great and really could help newbies out there with a little troubleshoting. Wow, what I’m most impressed is that we got a little bit of what you look like lol! keep up the good work, maybe you could do female condoms for your next vid? haha

  • Great video! I must say you have very sexy hands (among other things!)!

  • BoobLover

    Yeah, nice figure baby. But I think it would have been funny if at the end Yuki started chewing on the condom! At first I thought that was actually gonna happen!

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