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Anal Rule #1 Don’t Put Little Things Up Your Bum

So I was experimenting with a bit of anal play since i heard that the feeling the prostate is a good stimulus, and I did something really stupid. I got a small dice, a pretty small one, put a bit of lotion on it, and stuck it up my ass. I masturbated and that was all fine, but then I couldn’t get the dice out of my ass. And now I don’t know how far it is in my ass. I’m too ashamed to go to the hospital to get an examination and I’m scared and don’t know who to turn to about this. Can you help me?

First of all – NEVER EVER stick something up your ass that could get lost. That’s, like, anal stimulation 101. You could really hurt yourself and, as I’m sure you’ve discovered, it’s pretty scary and embarrassing. There are toys designed specifically for anal stimulation and these have a flared base so that they won’t slide all the way inside your bum.

Luckily it sounds like you picked something quite small [kinda stupidly small, I don't know what kind of stimulation you thought you were going to get from a tiny little dice with hard edges] and you should be able to pass it without medical intervention. Try to relax, and wait until tomorrow to see if you can pass it. Since dice obviously aren’t smooth it could be painful, but you should be okay. If it doesn’t pass in 24 hours or if you notice any bleeding (before or after it passes) you’re just going to have to suck it up and go to the doctor to have your bottom checked out.

At the very least, I hope you’ve learned something from this experience and that your example can serve as a warning to others.

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