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Lay-tex Condom(e) – I’d like to live in one of those!

I am newly experienced and cannot quite bring myself to ask my girlfriend (she is more experienced than I am) the following questions. Can a girl tell the difference when her guy is/is not wearing a condom? Does it make a difference to her? Can she tell a difference when he cums and is/is not wearing a condom? Does it matter?

Well, it’s a shame that you don’t trust your partner enough to ask her this question, since vaginae do tend to vary in sensitivity and hers may be more or less sensitive than “average”.

Though I suspect that most women can feel the difference between bareback and a rubber clad gent (like me), I think whether it “makes a difference to her” will depend on the girl.

Women who want to make sure that they aren’t going to get pregnant or catch anything icky from a male partner may tell you that it DOES make a difference to them because they would rather be safe than sorry. And if they are sensitive enough to tell when you aren’t wearing a rubber or when it has broken, they will (or at least should) boot you out ASAP.

However, a woman in a long-term, monogamous relationship, where both partners have been tested, and where alternative (and trustworthy) forms of birth control are being used, might opt for a bareback ride because it can offer more stimulation than the average condom (though not more than some of those neat textured condoms).

Once again, not all women can feel a difference when a male partner finishes in a rubber or not, but some women do prefer the rubber finish – since it’s much easier for clean-up and is safer (as I mentioned above).

And finally – does it matter? Well it all depends, are you trying to find an excuse not to wear a condom? If so, I don’t think you should try to slip one past her, since, if it were me, you’d be in a lot of trouble. Other than that, see my answer to the first part of your question – it’s about personal preferences and how safe you’d both like to be.

7 comments to Lay-tex Condom(e) – I’d like to live in one of those!

  • Anonymous

    “are you trying to find an excuse not to wear a condom?”

    Never attribute to malice what can be explained by curiosity. It’s not really nice to imply the questioner had any second thoughts. Even if he had, he could answer that question himself without mentioning it.

    For what it’s worth, the only times I had sex without a condom was because /she/ strongly objected using condoms. I would have been more than fine with using condoms albeit I dislike their smell and the procedure of putting it on/off. It’s not as if guys are turned on by the idea of spreading respectively gaining STDs or causing an desired pregnancy.

  • Anonymous

    “UNdesired pregnancy”

  • Shay

    My goodness, what happened to “never assume malice” ? There’s no real reason to think there was malice behind what I said at the end.

  • ironic_nonsense

    Personally, I prefer without a condom, but for practical reasons, I almost always use them. I think the only time I haven’t was with my first partner, because we were both virgins and I was on the Pill. I’m not entirely sure how sound that logic was, but, you know. Kids will be kids…? One of my major turn-offs is when a guy refuses to wear a condom. Then it’s game over.

  • Anonymous

    He should ask. In addition to all the things you mentioned, there’s the question of whether his partner might have a latex allergy (which would affect what type of condom to buy); what other preferences she might have when it comes to type of condoms and lubricant; and so on.

  • Gadfly

    Seems like I voiced my thoughts on what this topic has been hijacked into LOL

  • Delilah

    I am allergic to Latex (just diagnosed, but they always made me itch afterwards) and do not like the poly condoms, I’ve tried every brand on the market. I prefer bare, but I’ve been with the same partner for 12 years and use the pill.

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