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Ideas For A Very Sexy Valentine’s Day

valentine hentai

Valentine’s Day is comin’ up again folks and once again I would like to remind those of you in relationships that yes, this is a “holiday” that was pretty much invented by the card and candy companies; but lighten up! It’s not everyday that you are handed the perfect excuse to buy something sexy for your partner.

Seriously, think about it; it’s not always appropriate to give a nice big vibe or handcuffs to your honey for Xmas or their birthday, but Valentine’s Day is focused on romance and sexuality – superb conditions for giving naughty and sexy gifts.!

The way I see it, for couples, Valentine’s Day is a little reminder to be sweet to each other, it’s an excuse to get something nice for your partner and an excuse to take a break and do something romantic with your partner. You’re not obligated, it’s just a reminder to think about how happy you are to be with the one you’re with – think of it as making your anniversary bi-annual. ^_^

Besides – what better way to spend a freezing cold night in February than enjoying each-other naked under the covers or in front of a fire after a nice meal.

Now, what to buy for this person that you’ve chose to spend so much of your free time with.
Flowers, chocolate, and candy are pretty classic, but also kinda boring – so let’s see if we can amp up these concepts a little for you.

Chocolates and candy? Now that’s just ridiculously easy. ^_~ How about making a chocolate mold of your very own pussy or cock!? You can check out my reviews of a candy bra (HERE), head candy (HERE), and chocolate body paint (HERE) if you need more ideas. Or you could just make everything smell like candy with raspberry massage oil or blueberry-cheesecake lube (yum!)

Flowers, well, it’s hard to sexify these too much, since flowers are already pretty sexy. But how about giving a flower themed sex toy? Check out this one that either of you could wear when you go out for dinner; or consider using silk petals (reusable and won’t stain your fabrics) to set the right mood at home.

And speaking of setting the mood for more adventurous bedroom activities, as I’ve said before, a massage is a great way to start. If you’re not sure what to do, try getting a book on massage to give you some ideas and tips for technique. Match that up with some nice massage oil [check out my reviews HERE and HERE and HERE] and you’re set!

So, we’ve covered the basics, now let’s take the gift ideas a step further.

You might want to go with a toy that both of you can use together. Something like a vibrating cock ring (read my review of one HERE and HERE could be perfect! Or you could use something like the vibra thong – like a cock-ring in reverse!
You could have two gifts that interact like giving a music activated vibe with a cock-ring attachment, like the iBuzz music activated vibe, along with a special playlist to buzz to together (read my review HERE).
In terms of non-vibrating gifts that you could use together, there are, of course, products like the Doggy-Style Strap and the Sex Sling.

Or maybe you each want to get something that you can watch the other enjoy. Maybe a mini vibe, I’ve reviewed a few and each one was good in it’s own unique way, so I will leave it up to you to check out my reviews if you’re interested in one of these babies. There’s all kinds of nice toys out there for women, like the pussy pump (check out my review of one HERE), and for men , like the delicious Fleshlight.

Well, that’s all I have to say on the matter for now; I hope that I’ve inspired you to enjoy one of your sexiest Valentine’s Days ever! ^_^vbutton

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