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When You REALLY Love your Toys…

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I spotted THIS a few months ago and bookmarked it because I found it very interesting. I don’t know why the idea surprised me so much, I had heard of guys ejaculating onto photographs and magazines before – this is just… I want to say “cooler”, but that’s not really the word because it’s also a little gross. And yet… I can’t… look… away… ^_~

But, isn’t it wonderful that male hentai fans can finally live out their facial fantasies in the real world!?

Interested in making your own?
You can snag some cute hentai figurines HERE or HERE or using THIS – Set them up on your desk, in your shower… or keep them in a drawer and only take them out for “decorating” from time to time. ^_~

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9 comments to When You REALLY Love your Toys…

  • horny guy

    interestingly enough i’ve done that.. lol

  • Shay

    haha somehow that does not surprise me ^_~

  • :P fuzzbox

    As if dusting figurines wasn’t bad enough.

  • JeN

    ha ha ha I had this bookmarked a while ago to use as one of my “stupid links” but I scrapped it.

    I just wonder how many of them took the time to aim…

  • Aragorn

    Gross but can’t look away … I think that is the definition of a really sexually interested person … Amazing find these statues … Wow, the things people do … Hugs – A

  • Numb

    OK a bit wierd…… but at the same time kind of artsy….LOL hmmmm….. thanks for the info Shay!

  • Anonymous

    It’d be really creepy if you started finding ninja turtles doused in spooge. “My Little Pony” anyone?

    - Sean

  • Gary

    Shay, I love them I have been involved in Anime and Manga since late 70′s (Yep I am that old) Still have time for the occassional anime show. A very fine woman loves your Blog and pointed this out to me. She is a few years (26, I think since I never ask) younger and didn’t have a clue that I was already quite familiar with this niche. Thanks for speeding the word on both Great Sex and Anime

  • AWESOME!!! I would love to see that on my dresser next to my art deco bronze and ivory dom. heheheee…

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