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TV = Bad for Sex

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I knew that having a TV in one’s bedroom is terrible for one’s sleep cycle but apparently it’s also bad for your sex life!

The results of a study recently done in Italy suggest that having a television in the bedroom can half the number of times that a couple will have sex in a month!!

523 Italians were questioned about their TV watching habits and their sex life – it was found that, on average, Italians who had a television in the bedroom were only having sex 4 times a month while their non television-ed peers were having sex 8 times a month (twice a week).

And worse news for those of you over 50 – apparently having a television in the bedroom can contribute to an even further reduction in sexual activity (dropping them to only 1.5 times a month)!!

[Keep in mind that this appears to be a correlational study - and correlation does not equal causation, although the variables clearly have a relationship - which is more than can be said for some of the couples in this study. ^_~]

Apparently the kind of shows/movies your watch can also affects your sex life:
For 50% of couples action movies will kill their sex drive
and 1/3 of couples don’t feel like banging after watching reality TV.

I must be weird because action movies DO get me excited. However, I can totally see why Reality TV would drop couples’ desire for sex – maybe it makes them not want to procreate and thus avoid contributing more crazy people to the world, or maybe they yell at the TV during reality shows (like me) and then don’t feel like having sex.

Perhaps we should run a study to see if a couple’s sex life improves with having a television in the bedroom without a cable connection and with only a DVD player/VCR for watching porn movies. ^_~


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10 comments to TV = Bad for Sex

  • Biker & Teacher


    No television in the bedroom was one of our agreements when we got married. Even when we are in a hotel room we never watch television in bed. The bedroom is for rest and recreation. NO TV!

    If you want to watch porn in the bedroom; that is what a laptop is for!

    The Teacher

  • :P fuzzbox

    I think that you are right in saying that it is what they watch. Judge Judy would probably kill the libido while Jenna Jamison would probably pump it up and Jerry Springer would be a twisted kind of love indeed.

  • horny guy

    that means i should get my tv out of here.. lol

  • Desireous

    LOL that is exactly what I was thinking. If I had a live in partner I would want to watch lots of porn together and I’m sure we’d be fucking like rabbits.


  • DZER

    maybe if I had a woman living with me, I might get rid of the bedroom TV LOL

  • Lily

    We actually do have a TV that’s only connected to a DVD player for porn (not hooked up to the cable). I had actually suggested moving that TV elsewhere and putting a smaller (13 inch) one in the bedroom… but Hubs objected that we needed a big enough TV to watch the porn on. Haha.

  • Aragorn

    Need any volunteers for the new study … ? I wish reality shows would indeed make people see how crazy we (collectively) are … !!! – A

  • ArtfulDodger

    Thank goodness they’ve never invented a TV we can have sex with! Then we’d never come out of the house. :)

    PS: Getting close Shay, I should have some time tonight. Love ya.

  • Cyber Erotic

    …..hummm, I so think this should be our next show topic

    xxx Grumps xxx

  • Shay

    Teacher – Haha that sounds like a very good rule! ^_^ Somehow I don’t picture you two watching TV at all tho.

    Fuzz – haha I was thinking more “blind date” versus “amazing race”.

    Horny Guy – that’s right! Tho I don’t think it’s really impeding you much. ^_~

    Des – Good thing Sir doesn’t live with you! We’d never get to hear from you again!

    Dzer – You’re a rare man, one who’s willing to change for a woman. ^_~

    Lily – AH! that’s what I’m talking about! By the way, where did your blog go?

    Aragorn – I volunteer! Tho maybe sex bloggers are a skewed sample. ^_~

    Art – It’s looking SO beautitful, I’m SO excited.
    A tv you can have sex with? Dangerous!!

    Not too Worried – I’m taking your comment down, but I WILL be answering your question. ^_^

    cyber erotic – oh really? hmmm

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