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Film Fridays 101 – Saving Lives is Sexy

Sexy French maids show you how to preform CPR…sort of…well, at least how to make out with your friends!LOLThat was a condom in her mouth!

Seriously though, it is very important to learn how to preform CPR correctly- you never know when a lover (or fellow orgy attendee) might be counting on you to save their [...]

Ask Shay: A Special Eddition – Part 2

A couple of days ago I offered to share a little bit more about myself with you, my loyal readers, and invited you to ask me a few personal questions – boy did that open up a can of worms! haha

Violetta wanted to know if I am really a woman, since she suspects [...]

CockBlogging Wednesday 86

I’m a little late geting the CBW up today, I know. Sometimes life just gets in the way of my posting.^_~(did someone leave a pair of slippers here? click img to pick them up)

“Here is a submission of me…you lose the fact that I am a redhead, but I like the shadow play of [...]

Ask Shay: A Special Eddition

I don’t talk about myself very much here,so this is your chance to find out a little more about your mysterious hostess Shay.

Ask me a personal question – any question you like -and I will answer as honestly as I can without compromising my semi-anonymity.

But ask it quick, because I will only answer 5 questions [...]

Reader Question – Depth and Cervixes

“Hi Shay,
A lot of people talk about penis length and size, but what about vaginas? What is the average depth of a woman’s vagina, and does it vary with height or race or just plain vary?
And to make things more confusing… I’m married now, and with my wife, I can go in all [...]

To Toe or Not To Toe?

A couple of weeks ago we were talking about my getting new workout pants and about how my old pants gave me a fake camel toe.
And someone asked “what is a camel toe?” A camel toe is what we call it when we can see a cleft outline of a woman’s labia through whatever [...]

Film Friday 100 – A Look Back

Wow!Can you believe that I’ve posted a whole 100 videos for your enjoyment here at the S Spot?

I started Film Fridays way back in 2005two whole years ago next weekend!

Originally I would just post a sexy video whenever I found one, but I decided to tie video posting down to a particular day of the [...]

CockBlogging Wednesday 85

Today’s cock really tried to make it into this year’s Cocktoberfest celebrations but was a couple of days too late. So I let him appear for CBW instead!
(hey! did someone lose a scarf? click the img to pick it up)

“Hey there, I’m Luke and I made it into last years cocktober fest. I’m sure [...]

Reader Question – Just Trying to Get off Quietly

“I have only just discovered the wonderful joy of masturbation (go me!)!. To reach climax I use a body massager that my family has forgotten ever existed. BUT, as a teenager living in a small home of four I find it hard to find any time alone to use the noisy contraption in privacy… [...]