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Ask Shay: A Special Eddition – Part 2

A couple of days ago I offered to share a little bit more about myself with you, my loyal readers, and invited you to ask me a few personal questions – boy did that open up a can of worms! haha

Violetta wanted to know if I am really a woman, since she suspects that most sexuality blogs are really written by men.

This is actually a pretty frustrating question – on at least two levels. Firstly, there is no real, concrete way for me to prove my female-ness to you – except from what is conveyed by my writing. Though long-time readers who remember when I used to do HNT, will probably have unwavering faith in my femininity.

The other thing about this question that is so frustrating is the old stereotypes and biases that it represents: surely only men can be interested enough in sex and sexuality to write about it. I’ve noticed that, in the adult blog world at least, many of the writers are indeed women, women who are very interested in sex and their own sexuality and who aren’t afraid to talk about it. Looking at my blogroll alone, there are at least 22 links to blogs written by other women.

Moving on.

An anonymous reader wanted to know if I ever masturbate to my cockblogging posts or submissions. I know that a lot (if not all) of the guys who have sent in pictures hope that I do, and I hate to crush their dreams and fantasies, but no, I don’t masturbate to CBW. What can I say? Like most woman, I find them fascinating, but it takes a little more than a nice looking piece of meat to get me fired up. Don’t fret my CBW guys, I’m sure there are readers who do masturbate to your pictures – judging by the ones who bother to comment, I can tell that your contributions are definitely appreciated and enjoyed.

Melana asked a really interesting question; she wanted to know which I would find more appealing, a male version of myself or another (i.e. female) me. That’s a really hard question! On one hand, a male version of myself would be really interesting because it would be so different and new – I mean, I see the female version of myself all the time – but it would be really interesting (I hope) interacting with another me. Assuming the male version of myself is hot, I think I would find him more appealing – but having a second me around would be the perfect opportunity for some girl-girl experimentation and I don’t think I could pass that up without regretting it later.
What about you?

I think that’s enough for now, but don’t worry, I’ll definitely be answering more of the questions you asked later. I hope these are satisfactory for now. ^_^

Thanks to everyone who came out of lurking to ask a question or two this week!

6 comments to Ask Shay: A Special Eddition – Part 2

  • melana

    Since I see the female version of myself all the time, I think having the male version around would be more appealing. It’d be a completely new experience, and I think I’d be in awe for a while over the thought of him (not that I’m saying I’m spectacular, just the thought of actually being able to meet/play with your sex opposite “twin”). :P

  • Gadfly

    Well duh!

    Of course you’re a woman.

    You’ve got violet hair and purple eyes. Your picture’s right there on the page!

  • Violetta

    First: English is not my native language.
    Second: It was not my intention to offend you
    Third: I was a few times a guest on German and Russian Blogs made by woman. Later I noticed that it was a man. Glad to here that it is not the case here.
    Fourth: No, you can not prove it. That’s the difference between your blog and my webpage. I am standing there with my whole family. As you can see…

    But, to make you happier: Your blog is great, I like the illustration with hentai pictures and I like to read. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.


  • Anonymous

    My question is why do you continue to spell edition with 2 “d”s? Or am I missing something?

  • Dirty Girl

    I’m glad to hear you’re really a girl. I get that question a lot, too, and am also frustrated by it. I guess sometimes I just come across more as the opposite sex online.

    I like your blog!

  • badinfluencegirl

    hrm i’m irritated that blogger no longer lets me link myself. stoopid blogger

    okay anyway it amazes me that people are still convinced that only men like sex and that women have to be coerced.

    yes i’m female why else would i CLAIM to be female?

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