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To Toe or Not To Toe?

A couple of weeks ago we were talking about my getting new workout pants and about how my old pants gave me a fake camel toe.

And someone asked “what is a camel toe?” A camel toe is what we call it when we can see a cleft outline of a woman’s labia through whatever she’s wearing (pants, panties, tights, swim suits, a leotard, etc).

[Usually, if you're going to see anything, it'll just be a bulge from the mons or from the labia - where I grew up, it was called a "phat pussy" when you could see a little labia bulge in a girl's panties (because it meant that she had protruding labia).]

Usually a camel toe only appears when a woman either does it on purpose by pulling up her pants/tights/panties/swimsuit too high, but it can also happen by accident when she’s just wearing something tight and/or exercising. And some clothes can give the impression of a camel toe if they have a tight or thick central seam (like my old pants).

But regardless of the cause, people have a lot of different feelings about the camel toe. Some people think it’s incredibly sexy, other people think it’s kinda gross.

So what do you think about the camel toe – is it hot? not? neutral? Does it depend on the woman and the context (i.e. a smokin’ hot chick on the beach versus your friend’s mom at the gym)? Do you just think about how uncomfortable it might be? If you are a woman, would you do it on purpose for a lover?

10 comments to To Toe or Not To Toe?

  • Eve in Chains

    Hi Shay. I would do it on purpose for a lover in private. I would never intentionally wear clothing that outlined my labia. When I see women who have, it’s usually not in a sexy context at all and it kind of grosses me out.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Shay.
    I’m can’t say I am particularly fond of camel toes but if my lover were to request one, why the hell not.

    sd girl

  • Balloon Pirate

    Ohhh my. The camel toe.

    My first unrequited love was my mother’s best friend’s daughter. She was a sweet, sweet girl, and she looked absolutely fabulous in her bikini. I would see her in it quite a bit, since they had a cabin on a lake, and we would spend a lot of time there in the summer. It was on the west side of the lake, and I remember watching her stand on the end of the dock, her legs together, but I could still see the sun setting right between her upper thighs, and her perfectly backlit camel toe.

    Then she would dive into the water, and I would dive into the water, and we would have a splash fight.

    I was such a moron, but it would have been like putting the moves on my first cousin had I tried anything.

    Shorter answer: oh, yes, I like camel toe.


  • Violetta

    I think that heavy or big woman should not wear camel toes.

    Tiny woman can and they should do it in purpose if they want set somebody in fire.

    I personally don’t do it, because it hurts after a while. I never wear undies under my skirt(the last 16 years) and if I want provocate (what I like) I sit in a position that even strangers can have a short look. All this is possible in Europe, here in the States I am very careful because people are so prudish and they might start to cry or some other crazy reaction.

    What I do sometimes, instaed of camel toe is, I wear see through pants, white, very thin fabric. (Mostly I wear skirts) That has the better effect for others and makes me feeling more comfortable.

    But everybody has a different taste. Thanks God!

  • Richard

    I love the sight of a camel toe

  • Deb

    I’ve always thought the camel toe meant your clothes were too tight or ill fitting. Never even considered it mignt be sexy or provacative.

  • Lapis Ruber

    When it happens just by chance, I find it stimulates my imagination. When it is done deliberately, I find it off putting.

  • <b>Who Are We?</b>

    The camel toe reminds me of the late 70′s and most of the 80′s when men (especially those who were trying to be sexually appealing to women)tended to wear tight fitting jeans that ultimately showed off their package.

    I never could get into that whole fashion style, probably for the same reason that Violetta doesn’t do camel toes… it’s uncomfortable.

    As for camel toes in general, I often wonder if those women who sport them are conscious of the display.

    We had a babysitter once who usually showed up to our house after working out, still wearing her lycra shorts. I couldn’t help but notice her camel toe every time. I think she probably has pronounced labia, so her camel toe was unavoidable when wearing any sort of tight fitting bottoms.

    The girl was sixteen at the time and had blossomed, to say the least. She also talked a lot about boys. So, I could only assume that she may have sported camel toe on purpose. I wanted to ask her, and if she said yes, I wanted to ask her what she was thinking.

    I tried to get my wife to ask her about it, as my asking would surely create an air of “creepy old guy.” Alas, my wife wouldn’t do it. Nonetheless, I asked the girl about the pants. She acted all coy and said she had no idea.

    The next time she came over still dressed in her workout clothes, she had a sweatshirt tied around her waist with the tied sleeves hanging right over her crotch. Of course, I watched her tie the sweatshirt around her waist as she walked up the driveway, which led me to believe that she now sported camel toe on purpose while working out.

    The first time I learned about camel toe was when I was 19 and I was on break at my dad’s house. We were watching Star Trek The Next Generation when my step-mom asked me if we’d seen Camel-Toe Troi yet. My dad chuckled and explained to me that if you look at Counselor Deana Troi (first season aside), she was always sporting camel toe!

  • badinfluencegirl

    i live in workout pants and i don’t like it, it’s uncomfortable and not hot.

    however, somehow when i’m wearing my little cotton undies and i get all aroused and my panties kind of mold themselves to me and make a lil toe?

    that’s hot.

  • Anonymous

    Since I saw this article I’ve found myself wondering if I could come up with a reason why I sometimes find camel toe really sexy and sometimes it doesn’t do anything for me. After thinking over some examples in my mind, I think I came up with a reason.

    The first (obvious) statement is that if I don’t find the woman attractive I won’t find the camel toe appealing. Now on to the more interesting statement.

    For an attractive woman, I think camel toe is sexy if the pants/briefs/etc. are also tight around her hips and thighs.

    Sweats and other types of pants that don’t hug the hips but do hug the labia don’t really show it off. They’re just curves that shoot out from this shapeless mass that otherwise doesn’t look very feminine.

    However, if you wear some quite tight panties/bikini bottoms/jeans that show off your other ‘attributes’, camel toe is quite erotic! It becomes the focal point of all your female sexiness.

    I think seeing those other curves are necessary for that primal male part of my brain to associate the camel toe with an actual labia. Otherwise, while I’m intellectually aware of what it is, I’m not likely to get aroused.

    (note, obviously you can have sweats that show off your curves and panties that don’t, but I’m speaking in generalities here)

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