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Reader Question – Depth and Cervixes

Hi Shay,
A lot of people talk about penis length and size, but what about vaginas? What is the average depth of a woman’s vagina, and does it vary with height or race or just plain vary?

And to make things more confusing… I’m married now, and with my wife, I can go in all the way with some positions but not others. I’m alway afraid to hit that cervix, because I know it can be painful.

I mentioned a long time ago that the average vag ranges from a depth of around 9 cm to 13 cm. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, you’re right — since the average penis length is about 13.5cm, most men are going to have a big enough dick to vigorously massage every inch of the average vagina — hurray!

Of course, vaginal depth (like penis length) does vary from person to person — but it doesn’t vary particularly by height or race (and for the record, penises don’t really either) — that would just be silly.

Regardless of where a woman falls in the range of vaginal depths, once she starts to get sexually excited, the walls of her vagina will become more elastic. This is great because it means that she will be able to stretch to accommodate longer items comfortably — plus, since she’s aroused, she’ll be more lubricated which will also help with larger penetrations — always handy.

Now, about this fear of hitting the cervix: contrary to what many people (including some hentai artists) think, the vagina doesn’t necessarily lead to the cervix – there is no vaginal yellow brick road leading directly to an emerald cervix.? The vagina actually leads to a dead end; you’d have to catch that right turn at Albuquerque to get to the cervix.

Normally, when a penis is fully inserted into a vagina, the tip doesn’t touch or rest against the cervix, it rests against a blank wall of tissue.?This is because, even without penetration to stretch your wife out, the upper two-thirds of her vag will lengthen as she (hopefully) becomes more aroused, and, to accommodate this lengthening of the vagina, her cervix and uterus are pushed upwards. So you can think of the cervix as being on the roof of her vagina — it’s up and out of the way of your penis.

When you push in deep and it’s painful for your wife, it may be that you’re just putting too much pressure on the end of her vagina – there’s only so much room in there, despite all the potential for comfortable stretching.

Accidental contact with the cervix does happen from time to time though, especially when a woman isn’t aroused enough, or if the thrusting is too deep or at a funny angle. Some positions can make it more likely that her cervix will be smacked during sex, especially the “from behind positions” like doggy-style.

If you’re worried, take the first few deep plunges in a new position slowly and have her adjust the angle of her back until it feels more comfortable. You may find that some positions only work for you two when she’s very sexually excited, so make sure you’re both ready before you get into them. You can leave it up to her to let you know when she thinks she can handle certain positions or when she’d rather just be on top.

5 comments to Reader Question – Depth and Cervixes

  • Violetta

    Your situation is better after a child, perhaps two. You don’t feel any pain.

    But I had no pain before as well, because HE was always gentil, and careful. Size really doesn’t matter as long, well, as long he acts not as a jackhammer.

    It’s the same with your ass. So many woman complaine about how painful and how uncomfortable and so on.

    My experience is: If you not get cramped HE can drive in and out like Michael Schumacher with his Ferrari in his garage. Doesn’t matter the garage is in the front- or backyard…


  • Shay

    I don’t know about the children thing, but that’s right, it’s important to be gentile and careful – at least for a little while, until you get the “ok” to start pounding like a jackhammer. hehe

  • Rae

    “there is no vaginal yellow brick road leading directly to an emerald cervix”

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing. That is such an awesome description!

    I’ve found that initial penetration with my dildo (which is around 5 3/4 inches insertable length) can be a little painful once I hit the “Wall,” but it definitely does get better once I’m more aroused. Maybe it’s just that I don’t notice it as much but it doesn’t hurt as much when I DO hit “the wall” once I’m mega-aroused.

  • Gadfly

    Very well done piece babes *hat tip (with reservoir)*

    I will have to admit a twisted attraction to those naughty women who cum when their cervix gets bumped around on the instroke. I dunno why. Might have something to do with not being a 20+ centimeter guy *chuckle* But then again, hair pulling is part of it too — so maybe not *evil smile*

  • Maikeru

    Regarding the height versus depth issue; I’ve had a few partners where I find myself rubbing against something when they’re on top and one was 5’9″ while the other 5’3″ at best.

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