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Ask Shay: A Special Eddition

I don’t talk about myself very much here,
so this is your chance to find out a little more about your mysterious hostess Shay.

Ask me a personal question – any question you like -
and I will answer as honestly as I can without compromising my semi-anonymity.

But ask it quick, because I will only answer 5 questions in the comments section of this post.
Discuss with your fellow readers, retract questions, submit new ones – but let me know what your top five questions are by noon tomorrow.
(To give everyone a chance, please only one question per person.)

EDIT: I know it’s a bit late to be changing my rules, but that’s the nice thing about running one’s own site ^_~ To give more people a chance to ask, I will now be answering the most interesting questions, rather than only just the first five.
Sound okay? Good then.

This should be fun

[p.s. I'm still always answering your own sex/relationship questions as usual, and you know where to send them.]

22 comments to Ask Shay: A Special Eddition

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this is way too personal… but you said we could ask anything…

    How many sexual partners have you had?

    I was curious because you offer advice. Your personal experience is kinda like you credentials, right?

  • Violetta

    I have the feeling that many blogs about sexuality are made and written by man.

    The first question is: Are you really female? If you would write your age and take this as a part of this question would be great.

    Thanks a lot.

    P.S. Finally I can not control your answer…

  • Anonymous

    Hello Shay! First, let me tell you I really love your site. Second, my question:

    Is there anything, sexually speaking of course (barring anything illegal), that you’re 100% sure you would never do, not even try once?

  • Narcissu

    a simple personal question:

    ┬┐what turns you on?

  • Ang

    Do you plan to or have you ever met any of your blogfriends?

  • Anonymous

    Heya Shay, awesome blog, I vist daily (sometimes more :P).

    My questions are:

    1. What’s the most most fun you’ve every had, sexually-speaking?
    2. Is there anything you’ve ever been scared/grossed-out/turned-off by, but you tried it anyway and actually liked it?
    3. Any situations that were the opposite of #2?

  • Cayman J

    Damn! I just missed out on asking a question. I guess I’ll have to wait until next time.

  • richard

    DAMN! I am too late.

  • <b>Who Are We?</b>

    How did you first discover your more offbeat tastes, especially in regards to tentacle sex and futas? And did they appeal to you immediately, or did it grow on you until you could no longer resist their allure?

  • Digger Jones

    If I answer someone else’s question, does that mean I can take their spot?;-)

    To answer Ang’s question, I know you met and spent time with fellow Canadian blogger JeN of “Maybe Just Once” fame. If you see her around, let her know she’s missed.

    Actually my question is an extension of the first anon’s question. Namely, you are still pretty young to be giving sex and relationship advice! What’s the longest relationship you’ve ever had? Is personal experience where you draw from the most for your knowledge?

    You really do hold up well in a certain “nice-girl-next-door-who-is-also-a-bit-naughty” sort of way!

    And the hentai theme really rocks.


  • Old Bogus

    Are you multiorgasmic with all the partners you have had?

  • Xaeno

    Wow. Im thinking that this crowd has pretty much mastered the “holy crap, thats intimate” question style.

    What is the weirdest thing you have ever done sexually?

    Well, only a 7 on the shock factor scale,but I tried. I need to ask that on a non sex blog though. xD

  • Rudy

    Simply: How would the you of ten (or 5, or 20) years ago feel about the you of today?

  • Anonymous

    Do you ever masturbate to your Cockblogging posts? If so, when was the last time?

    Love the site, Shay. :)

  • sweat shop sissy

    thong or full cut panties?
    fave lingerie?
    tats and/or piercings?

  • Balloon Pirate

    What do you look for in a sexual partner? Is it different from what you look for in a lover? Is clothing a big part of eroticism for you? If so, is the erotic dressing for you, your partner, or both? Do you normally have some sort of ‘erotic’ clothing on–even if it’s something underneath your ‘day’ clothes? Have I used the word ‘erotic’ too many times in this post?


  • melana

    Which would be more appealing to you: the male version of yourself or another you? If you weren’t related to either, would you fool around with either (soooo hypothetical). If you’ve already had enough questions, that’s cool. Your blog is awesome. ;)

  • Lami

    wow shay youre a tough crowd, if none of this is interesting then i know what to ask in my question.

    what kind of questions about yourself interest you?

  • Shay

    I’m a tough crowd? lol!

  • Anonymous

    lol, some of these questions are stupid, ridiculously intrusive, and obviously aimed at getting an answer that can be jacked off to later. shay isn’t your wank-toy, good for her for changing the rules.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Shay, what a great way to get readers to respond!

    I’d like to ask about the age difference thing… Why is it that people are so concerned about it. When I was 21 I had a gf who was 37. It felt right. Did you ever have a relationship with someone a lot older (or younger)?

  • ElegantSuccubus

    [Fingers crossed this post makes the "most interesting" list]

    Question: If you had to pick your two all-time favorite erotic scenes, one from live porn and the other from hentai, what would they be? Why do you suspect those specific scenes turn you on so much?

    Extra credit: If not immediately apparent, provide specific details on where to locate these scenes so us blog readers can watch them and gain further insight into your sexuality.

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