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Film Friday 100 – A Look Back

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Can you believe that I’ve posted a whole 100 videos for your enjoyment here at the S Spot?

I started Film Fridays way back in 2005
two whole years ago next weekend!

Originally I would just post a sexy video whenever I found one, but I decided to tie video posting down to a particular day of the week because I thought it would be fun and could add a new flavour to the site.

I have a listing of all 99 Film Friday posts HERE
unfortunately over time, some of the videos lost hosting and died;
the ones that I haven’t been able to find new versions of are marked with a strike through them.

Of the videos that survived the ravages of time, I do still have a few favourites:

Sometimes it’s the song that goes with a video that sucks me in, like with:
the singing sperms and
fuck her gently and
the dildo song and
do you take it and
hey dude

Other times it’s the story, like in The Vibe,
or the sexiness, like in the one sybian video I was able to salvage (so far) or the Fantasy Wank.

Sometimes it just has to make me laugh out loud like:
The Dangers of Sushi or
Dickmento or
Consent or
The Blowjob or
Watch your language!

What about you sweet readers?
Which are your favourite Film Friday features?

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