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Film Fridays – Something New In the Bedroom

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You know what? I think this video speaks for itself.^_~

Film Fridays – I don’t Think That Would Make a Good Creamer….

I… I don’t even know what to say about this videoActually I was pretty impressed with how steady she was able to hold that cup for a pretty long time. hahaWhat about you?Any thoughts?

Film Fridays – Ancient Sex In Space!

I speak three languages, unfortunately none of them are this one

Doesn’t the little wrap up message from the cupid at the end make you think that this could possibly be a condom commercial?“And remember, wear a rubber – because you never know what kind of strange stuff you might be fucking.”haha

Film Fridays – Sensual Woman

I’ve been re-listening to the Snatch Soundtrack this week.I forgot how awesome this song is:What do you think?I think she gives some great advice, and I love the bit about the jello. heheIt makes me think of the audio for some kind of awesomely crazy instructional video from back in the day.^_~

Film Fridays – Penis Shun

This week’s video is so old, I can’t beleive I haven’t posted it before!

Let this be a lesson to you – don’t let the internets convince you that you need a bigger penis.

Film Friday – Sexy Easter

Easter can be a pretty sexy holiday if you think about it:you have the aphrodesic qualities of chocolatecombined with the energy of a sugar highand the encouragement to be fertile and multiply from the bunny icon (shh he doesn’t have to know that we’re using BC ^_~)

So how about we kick things off with a [...]

Film Fridays – Early Green

St. Patty’s day is coming up – have you got your green to wear?

Also, if you missed it yesterday, you really should check out this vid – it made me LOL, literally.

P.S. Happy Pi Day!

Film Fridays – Wait… What Time is This On?!

I’d love to set my PVR to record this show,But… I don’t think we get it on TV here.What do you think this show is called?lol

Film Fridays – Physical Exercise is Great!

I just love the reactions of the people around her!stop it at around 1:29 because after that it’s just spam for some stupid scam-y websitethe videos was just too entertaining to resist posting – despite the ad.

Film Fridays – In the Wild

Click HERE to watch this week’s feature
Now I REALLY want to see a video for the teaser at the end! haha
Do you think it’ll be anything like it’s namesake?