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FIlm Fridays – I can See Your Doodle!

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Film Fridays – Heroes

As you watch this video, you may be asking yourself,
“jeez Shay, what’s up with the video? It’s not very sexy”But really my friends, it’s all about the last three seconds of the HERE to watch it

So tell me, what do you think THAT game might be like?^_~

Film Fridays – Before the Cup

If you aren’t familiar with the two girls and one cup that this vid is making reference to,consider yourself lucky.Click HERE to watch

Film Fridays – No Shame

Ah Porn, the great equalizer

There’s no shame in a little mutual masturbationor at least, there shouldn’t be^_~

Film Fridays 104 – Will They Giftwrap it for You at the Mall?

You know, it’s just not xmas without a dick…in a boxcurse you nbc!click HERE to watch the video anyway.^_^

Film Fridays 103 – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa

Just… not on the lips…

~Spoiler Alert!~Blagh, it’s a shame that the vid includes her spitting it back out at the end.That always grosses me out – what do you guys find sexy about that?!

Film Fridays 102 – An Early Sexmas Gift

I know it’s still a bit earlybut I just couldn’t wait for you to unwrap your present!Girls on Webcam

Film Fridays 101 – Saving Lives is Sexy

Sexy French maids show you how to preform CPR…sort of…well, at least how to make out with your friends!LOLThat was a condom in her mouth!

Seriously though, it is very important to learn how to preform CPR correctly- you never know when a lover (or fellow orgy attendee) might be counting on you to save their [...]

Film Friday 100 – A Look Back

Wow!Can you believe that I’ve posted a whole 100 videos for your enjoyment here at the S Spot?

I started Film Fridays way back in 2005two whole years ago next weekend!

Originally I would just post a sexy video whenever I found one, but I decided to tie video posting down to a particular day of the [...]

Film Friday 99 – Violated By Phone Sex

Yes, I know I said last week was Film Friday # 99, but I was going through my old posts last night, updating the post with the list of ALL my Film Friday features, and I noticed that I had skipped a number.I’m too lazy to go and change all the old titles so you’ll [...]