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Film Fridays – Heroes

As you watch this video, you may be asking yourself,
“jeez Shay, what’s up with the video? It’s not very sexy”
But really my friends, it’s all about the last three seconds of the video.
click HERE to watch it

So tell me, what do you think THAT game might be like?

7 comments to Film Fridays – Heroes

  • cl0r

    well, i think the gameplay would be a bit damaged due to the player being unable to reach the buttons during the, umm, “action sequences” of the game.
    other than that, it seems quite enjoyable, especially if the controller uses some of that dualshock action. =D

  • Jon Galt


    Great find!

    Advanced points for reaching the bottom button.

  • Eve in Chains

    There’s also a little section in the middle where, if you look behind the guy to the right, there are 2 people making out on the couch.



  • fireweaver

    haha, cl0r, maybe that IS how you get points: if you can work those muscles just *so* on whichever button you’re supposed to be hitting right then…

  • Shay

    clor – yes! instead of vibrating when you make a mistake, it rumbles when you are doing everything well – STAR POWER!

    Jon – haha!

    Eve – haha, yup – you can’t miss those two.

    Fire – haha!

  • exile

    Groupie Hero II:
    Ledgends Of The Free Clinic

  • Maikeru

    To reference a previous video of yours, “It’s not a dick, it’s a mouth based video game.”

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