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FIlm Fridays – I can See Your Doodle!

6 comments to FIlm Fridays – I can See Your Doodle!

  • YamadogGirl

    Just goes to show you how we perceive things as opposed to what they really are.

    On another note, very talented artist, and I think one of the more funny clips so far this year.

    Thanks Shay! Have a great weekend!


  • Freddy F.

    Is it wrong that this reminds me of the flashback in Superbad?

  • DeS

    I have to say that is by far the funniest clip I’ve seen in ages. Really great.

  • Gadfly

    I just put up a porn post full of deviancy. I figured you’d at least be intrigued LOL

  • ElegantSuccubus

    Funny stuff! This reminded me of the “innocent” phallic-shaped underwater tower in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. I still have one of the initial VHS releases on which it is visibly present on the cover. Gotta wonder what happened to the artist involved… :)

  • fireweaver

    haha, es, i have that same VHS box stashed in a safe place somewhere…

    and way to go, Shay, definitely one of the funniest clips i’ve seen in a while. i love how my eyes keep looking for the “naughty” bits even when the picture is more complete.

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