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Film Fridays 103 – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa

Just… not on the lips…

~Spoiler Alert!~
Blagh, it’s a shame that the vid includes her spitting it back out at the end.
That always grosses me out – what do you guys find sexy about that?!

10 comments to Film Fridays 103 – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa

  • Sonimon

    Let me just say that for one, I certainly do not find a girl spitting it back out to be sexy.

    I’ve always found it kind of gross.

  • Lapis Ruber

    I don’t like it either – it’s an artificial porn thing that I don’t think ever happens in real life.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m the opposite; I do find it sexy. It is far better than the girl jumping up and gagging as she’s trying to spit out in the sink.

    A girl playing with your cum is quite sexy; it shows she is fully accepting of you and your ejaculate.

    Of course I prefer a girl to swallow, but a little cum play is fun, naughty, and sexy as hell.

    Just my opinion, of course.

  • Anonymous

    Well swallowing IS always nicer but at least she wasn’t spitting it out in a ‘yuck cum’ kinda way but rather to play with it… and after she rubbed it on her santa tits she DID lick it back off her fingers, which was way hot.

    And yay for the holiday spirit of an uncut guy getting a nice BJ instead of a handjob!

  • Violetta

    I totally agree. It is stupid and I believe that is a typically porn movie way to do it. I don’t want have scum in my face or on my tits, except it was a tit fuck.

    I suck and I swallow it down, of course. What is the problem? Everything is clean, not sticky (if you lick really clean)and you can continue with other things you want do or you have to do.

    And for my husband the feeling to come in my mouth and not outside is much more intensive.

    The girl in the movie for my taste works to much with her hand.

  • Jon Galt

    I want to know who was holding the camera? Does this guy have two right hands or something?

    For me, I like the cum play… somehow it signals to me that she was REALLY into it.

  • Gadfly

    That’s the weird thing about porn. It’s training young men and women to do things wrong.

    The time I specificically DON’T want the girl to stop sucking my cock is when I’m cumming.


    Even in the porns. I realize the bukkake play is all great visual defilement of her facial hotness … or what the fuck EVER… (I really don’t get it either, but I understand that I’m in the minority on this issue as far as guys go)

    Although, I agree that the watching her rub it on her breasts thing is a different animal than the guy rubbing on her face with his dick thing … I mean, I actually know women who love getting ejaculated on … different strokes … (literally :o)

    But for my money, I would MUCH rather see the hottie just show me a teeny bit at the corner of her mouth to prove they’re not faking it while she FINISHES THE JOB AT HAND!

    Uh … or … at mouth … as it were.

  • SaVvY-SpErM-sLuRpEe

    i think that the porn industry focuses alot on the man’s load, the more cum the merrier! i agree that it is very hot for her to play with the cum and lick it up and rub it around, it is much much better than making a unsatisfied face at the taste of it.

  • Sheen V

    She did a great job, in my opinion. Sure, spitting out the cum is for the camera. We all watched it, didn’t we?

  • Erotic Union

    I think someone has been watching a little too much porn.. I don’t find it very sexy.. but that is just me.

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