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Film Fridays – Sensual Woman

I’ve been re-listening to the Snatch Soundtrack this week.
I forgot how awesome this song is:

What do you think?
I think she gives some great advice, and I love the bit about the jello. hehe
It makes me think of the audio for some kind of awesomely crazy instructional video from back in the day.

8 comments to Film Fridays – Sensual Woman

  • single gal

    as always Shay, very fun – thanks hun!

  • Eris

    HAHA! I’m a total Sims freak, and have most of that content!

    The song is way cool, too.

  • exile

    there’s always room for jello

  • Strumpet

    Man, I need a garden.

    So I can hire a ‘garden boy.’

    ‘Suck, fuck, cock, and prick are NOT bad words.’

    Yep. GREAT advice.

    Love snatch. LOVED Snatch.

    Watched Guy Ritchie’s new flick just last night, Revolver.

    WAY cool, and again, with awesome music.

    Jason Statham…

    I could totally hire him as my gardener.

    You know, if I had a garden.

    Hope your doin’ cool, Your Shayness.


  • Holly: The Dirty Princess

    You know what I thought? It’s sad to think that there really are women out there that need this kind of basic instruction. Don’t get mad if he says “Suck, fuck, cock” or “prick”, ladies. It’s a lot more fun to go with it than it is to fight it.

  • Gadfly

    Not your Sensei-level content, but I love the sensuous flute soundtrack.

  • Richard Nixon

    I wish my teeth could do that…

    Good news, I plan on submitting a reader question when I get the chance =]

  • Anonymous

    Hiya Shay,
    Yes indeed, it was an audio hit back in the 70′s called “How to become a Sensuous Woman” by J.
    It may still exist on some long lost 8-track tape in some long lost garage shelf.

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