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Film Fridays – Ancient Sex In Space!

I speak three languages, unfortunately none of them are this one

Doesn’t the little wrap up message from the cupid at the end make you think that this could possibly be a condom commercial?
“And remember, wear a rubber – because you never know what kind of strange stuff you might be fucking.”

6 comments to Film Fridays – Ancient Sex In Space!

  • Anonymous

    I speak three languages, to including german. I think his is russian or Czechian…

  • CoyoteGrey

    This appears to be Czech. I tried the last word flashed on the screen in an online Czech translator and it came back as “The End” – seems likely that is what it said ;-)

  • Strumpet


    This video is HILARIOUS.

    I want one of those machines.

    Any advice on where I can get one?

  • Buckwheat

    haha ive no idea what they are saying but video is hilarious BTW they sound russian to me but i only know english so eh…

  • Gadfly

    I wonder if that was from that little moment of freedom from the early 60s in Czechoslovakia? Before the Soviets came and … you know … crushed the life out of them.

    Probably later. That would be like stag filmish at that era ;-)

  • Anonymous

    after watching it, I can only reply with: lol whut?

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