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Film Fridays – Mood Killing Music

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Have you ever turned on your playlist when you start getting frisky only to have something really weird come on while you’re in the middle?

Film Fridays – Why We Buy Porn Instead of Just Filming Our Neighbours

Well, one of the many reasons…hahaFunny, but please tell me no one actually has sex like this!!

Film Friday – A Singing Phallus

For some reason, this video just makes me smile ^_~:

Film Fridays – Show Me Your Genitals

There are no words, just watch the video – I suspect you will either hate it or love it.haha

Film Fridays – Xtreme Fucking

Ever felt like you needed to up the ante while rock climbing?

Film Fridays – Time to Cut Back

The theme of this week’s video?The end of Masturbation Monthawwwwof course just because May is over that doesn’t really mean you have to stop masturbating . hehe

Film Fridays – Wanking at Work

Sure it’s only loosely related to Masturbation Month, but this week’s video made me lol:

Film Fridays – Even Girls Talking about Masturbating is Cute

Jen Kirkman talks about how cute female masturbation is:Seriously though, I totally have fallen asleep while trying to get myself worked up – it always makes me feel a tiny bit guilty in the morning. haha

Film Fridays – When You REALLY Love Your Car

I accidentally distracted my roommate from Mario Kart while previewing this week’s video, even with the sound turned low!Said my roommate: “what are you watching? whoa! Stick-shifts are pretty big you know!”hahaWhat about you? Have you ever fucked anything as rediculous as a stick-shift?

pssst – yes, you can count this towards your time [...]

Film Fridays – I Saw What You Did There

Is this not one of the creepiest videos you have ever seen?I’m SO glad I’ve never had to have “the masturbation talk” with either of my parents.What about you?Ever been caught in the act and had to try to play it off – or worse yet, had to talk about those “feelings” with a well [...]