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Film Fridays – When You REALLY Love Your Car

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I accidentally distracted my roommate from Mario Kart while previewing this week’s video, even with the sound turned low!
Said my roommate: “what are you watching? whoa! Stick-shifts are pretty big you know!”

What about you? Have you ever fucked anything as rediculous as a stick-shift?

pssst – yes, you can count this towards your time for the porn experiment ^_~

16 comments to Film Fridays – When You REALLY Love Your Car

  • Prospero

    Whoa. Did anyone else wince at the sight of the Frankenstein-esque sewn seam up the sides of the leather stick shift cover? ow. But… otherwise, it worked for me. ;)

  • single gal

    I think it would have been better if the curve of the stick shift hooked forward rather than back….gspot right?
    Happy Friday Shay.

  • Shay

    Pros – lol you are so not a girl; as long as it’s not sharp, we’re big fans of interesting textures.

    SinGal – yeah, I thought that too. I guess they couldn’t get the shot right if she turned around. haha

  • Dan

    Should’ve put it in neutral, set the brake, and turned the car on… the stick might’ve vibrated some for her.

  • Gadfly

    I think I got it.

    Start the car and put it in drive with the emergency brake on full with a little flexible anal tickler on the end of the emergency brake handle.

    Then she can do the shifter with a reverse cowgirl with the camera sitting on the dashboard in wide angle mode.

    Damn! I’m good.


  • Ang

    That was much better with no sound. The irritating giggling and horrible monologue… ugh. Still, it gives a girl ideas. And I drive a stick.

  • Beth

    wow!!!! very hot. I think i’ll try mine.

  • Anonymous

    seemed pretty for rediculous..did fuck a maglight flashlight one; nice cold metal is fun (not the wide end, the handle end of course)

  • Anonymous

    as to your question shay – gatorade bottle

    to comment on the video… no sound = better movie i hate the laughing

  • Spike

    I think I’m in love…The car thing really gets me. A Stick shift? Siiiiighhh.
    My truck has a looooonng shift lever with a rather large knob polished from use. Any volunteers?
    I have to excuse myself now…

  • Gadfly

    Oh, that’s a stick. I’ll have to rethink this.

    My automatic has a shifter shaped just like that.


    She just can’t have the engine running helping with the vibration. Sorry babe. Just put it in reverse and “get down on it” *chuckle*

  • Julien

    Sticks have neutral too (that big part in the center)… no reason you couldn’t have a little vibration in the mix. If you needed to, you could use the e-brake to keep it from rolling. And, while you’re at it, you could use the e-brake to get the boyfriend/girlfriend in on the action as an anal plug… I checked, and in my car it looks like there’s just enough room if the woman faces forward.

    If you do have an automatic, though, I wonder if it would be possible to drive while getting off (not that, by any stretch of the imagination, I’m suggesting somebody try this).

    And speaking of cars, I ran across this gem a while back:
    Check the section on masturbation for some more interesting ideas.

    Mad props to Shay for the site… it’s good to be able to laugh at sex.

  • KuromanKuro

    Well I’m a dude so consider that when you think it’s not impressive, but…

    A ramune Bottle… It was large and I definitely couldn’t get past the handle, but it was up there. (Felt pretty nice when edge of the cap hit my prostate by the way.) I was actually using one like that during my CBW 100 picture.

    For those of you who don’t know what ramune is, here is a link to a picture.
    (Just triple click on it and copy.)

  • Dee

    Shay–that gives driving a stick a whole new meaning!

  • Sheen V

    I’m now very much in need of a stick shift car! And then a hot girl to break in the shifter!!

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