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Film Fridays – I Saw What You Did There

Is this not one of the creepiest videos you have ever seen?

I’m SO glad I’ve never had to have “the masturbation talk” with either of my parents.
What about you?
Ever been caught in the act and had to try to play it off – or worse yet, had to talk about those “feelings” with a well meaning parent?

15 comments to Film Fridays – I Saw What You Did There

  • GotMalkAvian

    You know, the scary thing about this clip is that it’s only a small bit from an entire video about sex ed for “trainable” mentally retarded kids…

  • Corruption

    Never been caught at all. Though there have been a few close calls when I was younger.

    And I’ve never had to have the talk about masturbation from them, thank god.

  • son of dyckerson

    Damn it Malk, you beat me to the sex-ed reference. Anyone else get slightly disturbed by the reference to “controlling” the feelings? And yea Shay it is creepy,like any “real” parent would talk like that.

  • Rae


    Haven’t been caught during…but I have had my toys found. Very awkward conversation ensued after that…but not like that video!

  • Anonymous

    LOL I guess my experience is slightly different… (I’m a guy) — dad took me down the the basement, mom in tow, looked at me very somberly and seriously, and asked “Do you jerk off?”. Of course, in my the eyes of my parents, solo-play was considered a Bad Thing. Damn, gotta say, I love this sinnin’ thing ;-)

    (Oh, my answer was “Huh? Of course not!” all the while I was thinking to myself “damn, what’d they find?!”)

  • Anonymous

    I was caught twice when I was very young (8.. my life-size doll was awesome). And recently my stash of dildos was discovered when I visited them. I’ve never had the “big talk” but instead several small chats about things like “you know what a boner is right?” Yes. Yes I do, mom.

  • Strumpet

    Well, that really killed the moment.

  • Decibal

    I’ve never been caught, but the first time I had sex my parents came home seconds after we finished. I have never put clothes on that fast in my life.

  • Anonymous

    I think I’ve seen mannequin with more lifelike expressions. If you want creepy, try catching a mannequin masturbating.

  • Gadfly


  • Anonymous

    well, my mom tried to talk about it twice, but i was malestively drunk, high on weed and had sex 30 minutes before, my mom came and asked: do you do those things your girlfriend does to? well to explain: she already had talked with my gf and my gf was caught up to 3 times by my mom^^ but i say yes and my mom turned red and ran into the kitchen(probable laughing XD)

  • Anonymous

    the second time i was standing by the window and heard my mom coming towards me and my first reaction was: yes mom, i jerk off are you happy now and she turned red again and went to the kitchen(also my favorite spot when i am emberrassed) but since then she never asked again

  • Mike Stewart

    If there was anytime to say “Mom get the fuck out of here!” this would be it. Amazing that I didn’t get caught jacking off by my mom because I truly was the “master of masturbation” when I was a young’un. No locks on my bedroom door either. My younger sis caught me sitting naked on the toilet whacking off (forgot to lock that bathroom door) which probably was the most embarrassing experience in my young life. I’d rather it would have been my mom that time!

  • aj

    I was in the shower and my mom just walked in, I locked the door too, and she used a fucking hairpin to pick the lock. WTF!! So I turned around and started shampooing my hair. (male)

  • A Big Fan

    I’ve never actually been caught, but I”ve had quite a few close calls. For example: I heard my mom walk up the stairs to check if I was asleep, and the second she opened the door I threw my sheets over me and pretended to sleep. I’ve had that quite a few times.. Maybe I should have placed a lock on my door back then. :P

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