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Diary of a Futa (part 2)

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It’s been a little over a year since I first introduced “Diary of a Futa” so it definitely seemed about time for me to add another installment. Enjoy ^_^ :

Continued from Part 1

I soon found that my new penis was just as insatiable as my pussy had been the previous night. I jerked off twice more using my own juices and fluids, which were quickly making quite a mess of my sheets.

Finally, panting from the intensity of the previous orgasm, I felt my new penis begin to soften a little and realized that I was going to have to do something about this crazy situation ASAP. Laura was going to be coming over pretty soon to walk to class with me and it would be really embarrassing for her to arrive with me totally not ready for lecture and sitting in a bed soaked with my own cum.

First things first, I pulled the now damp sheets off my bed, dumped them into the laundry basket, and re-made my bed – all the while trying to ignore the gentle throbbing of my still semi-hard penis as it rubbed against my thighs while I worked.

Now that my room was back to normal, it was time to check out my still very un-normal body. I stood in front of my mirror and stared at the penis sprouting just above my pussy – right where my clit was supposed to be. Even partially deflated it was still a bit bigger than my boyfriend’s. I bounced on my toes a little and giggled as I watched the flared mushroom head bob up and down, moving much more wildly than my breasts.

But still, as much fun as I had been having with this penis, I was ready for it to go away now. How was I going to go to class with this thing!?! Aside from my worries that it would be way too distracting during lecture; what the heck was I going to wear? It certainly wasn’t going to fit into my tight girl jeans – those just aren’t made to accommodate penises – especially when they don’t seem to want to get soft. And I certainly couldn’t wear a skirt, I could just picture how silly I would look with this penis sticking out of my skirt, holding it up.

I poked at it and watched my penis bob some more, the bobbing was starting to turn me on again. It must have been that purple potion from the herbalist that did this to me. She did warn me not to use more than one drop and how many drops had I spilled onto my poor clit last night?! I found the bottle on my beside table, there was two thirds of the bottle left – must be potent stuff!

All this moving around was really starting to get my cock hard again and I was really starting to feel like I needed to take care of it again. But I also needed to get ready for class! I decided that if I took a shower, the purple potion would probably wash off and I could get back to my normal life.

I wrapped a towel around myself and dashed for the bathroom across the hall, I knew my roommate would have already left for the day, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

I stepped into the hot shower with relief, it felt good to wash away all the sweat and cum all that masturbating had produced. I loaded up my puff with extra body wash, trying to ignore the insistent throbbing of my soon-to-be-gone cock. I worked up a good lather on my chest, letting the suds wash over my breasts, down my stomach, and drip around the base of my soon-to-be-gone shaft.

Soon I had washed every part of my body, except the new addition. To be honest, I was starting to think that I might be a little sad to see it go – it was kinda cool having it around, despite how much trouble it would be. I hung my puff back up, deciding to give my soon-to-be-gone penis a little farewell rubdown and wash it by hand.

I quickly washed it with soap, being careful to avoid the opening, and rinsed it. The running water had been amazingly stimulating and my cock was now fully erect, the head was a friendly light purple and the whole shaft felt like it was pulsing.

I squeezed it hard in my fist and felt it happily throb back hard against the pressure. But even as I enjoyed squeezing my soon-to-be-gone cock, I felt a familiar ache in my pussy – it wanted attention too.

I searched the various bottles in the shower for something that would be suitable. I ended up choosing a thinner bottle of hair serum that my roommate had bought a few months ago – it was just the right width and length.

I perched on the back edge of the tub, leaned back and slowly slid the bottle into my needy pussy, working it in and out to the same rhythm that I was stroking my soon-to-be-gone cock. I was dizzy with the amazing and intense sensations going on between my legs – it was almost too much to handle!

I was so lost in the rhythm and delicious pleasure that my own orgasm caught me by surprise – I screamed as my pussy pulsed, squeezing the plastic bottle inside it while cum shot out of my cock with such force that it traveled through the running water to splash on the back wall of the shower.

I could feel my heart pounding hard in my chest as I put the bottle I had been using back on the shelf and cupped my hands to rinse my cum off the wall and down the drain. Then I turned off the water, wrapped myself in my towel, and walked back to my room to get ready for class.

I laid out some clothes for the day: my cutest bra, a nice spring skirt, and light top. But I hesitated at the panty drawer. I knew I needed to hurry, Laura was going to be over any moment. At least my penis was small and soft now, but it was still there – the shower hadn’t worked – and so I just wasn’t sure which panties to tuck it into.

Read the next chapter HERE!

13 comments to Diary of a Futa (part 2)

  • Sabine

    This makes me so happy! Thanks Shay! Keep the futa love coming!!


  • TexGuy

    These are a lot of fun, keep ‘em up!

    Also, I’m hoping she gets to have some fun with her friend once she comes over. :*D

  • Kluena

    I love these futa stories! They’re so hot, you’re such a good author Shay! =)

  • Dynamite

    Please don’t wait for another year to give us another piece of this story! Loving it!

  • Anonymous

    More please Shay. If not of this character then any others. You are such a great writer.

  • KuromanKuro

    These are definitely a source of joy for many people. (Myself included) Don’t wait so long next time. :D
    Thanks again.

  • Richard

    Love it, hope you continue the story in the near future :)

  • Anonymous

    I think you over used the ‘soon-to-be-gone’ adjective a little, I counted five uses across six short paragraphs.

    Criticism aside, well done with part two. Hoping to see a part three sooner rather than later.

  • Shay

    That was done for effect, sorry you missed out on it.

  • A Big Fan

    Loved it! I just hope that part 3 is coming soon.
    Don’t keep me waiting. ;)

  • Anonymous

    That was good shay, I can’t wait for part 3, keep up the good work.

  • urza

    this is very sick dude xD

  • Bouncing penis is funny!

    Yeah someone should have told her that a hot shower does little to calm down a raging hard-on. Gods know I’ve tried.

    Clothes is rarely something that futa stories deal with, which now that I think about it is a little odd. Sometimes malfunctioning wardrobes on futas are good things!

    BTW great use of the first-person.

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