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How "Dirty" Are my Dirty Panties?

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I was working on something cool for you guys late last night, but just couldn’t get the coding to work. :( I tried to fix the problem this morning, but so far no luck. So instead, please enjoy this reader question answered.

First, thanks for being a non judgmental source of information for people. I think it’s really important that people have a place to turn when they need questions answered and don’t want to worry about what others will think of them. [Awww stop, you're making me blush! - Shay]

Now for my question. Like most men, I have an affinity for lingerie, especially panties. I have a pretty big collection (of panties), most of them are new that I bought from the store, but some are from xgf’s who gave them to me when we were still together and some are from girls I’ve met online.

What I was wondering specifically is, can disease/std-hepatitis be spread from one person to another from a used pair of underwear? I’m sure there’s lots of lingerie enthusiasts out there who want to know.

Oh and ladies, in case you were wondering, most guys do like receiving a pair of your undies as gifts or enticements!

I think you’re pretty safe with your panty collection. There are very few STDs that you can catch from clothing: stuff like pubic lice, Trichomoniasis (which you should be able to spot because the fluid in the panties would be yellowy-green), and rarely scabies can be transmitted through used panties.

However, you are at a much lower risk for catching anything from your collection because the fluids (I’m assuming) have dried and most bugs (like hepatitis B) can’t survive without wet, living tissue to hang out in (though Hep B can survive outside the body for a week). You’re also at a lower risk if you’re not wearing them yourself – though you could potentially get public lice in your eyebrows if you rubbed contaminated panties on your face.

You can keep yourself safer by making sure that the girls you get the panties from have been tested. Or you could be even safer and wash the panties in bleach or boiling water before you enjoy them (though I know that takes out half the fun). ^_^

If you really want to guard yourself from catching Hep from used panties (or from anywhere else), make sure you get vaccinated!

Hope that answers your question!

2 comments to How "Dirty" Are my Dirty Panties?

  • badside

    Thanks for posting that, good to know! Great picture to go with the question…love it!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, perhaps you’ve researched this more thoroughly than I have, I’ve never felt any urge to collect panties or play with them once removed. How did you come to conclude most men like to, I would expect many do and few would be offended by an offer of such but I personally find most to be a debatable assertion.

    The pic though, that’s definitely fits my idea of attractive presentation of panties.

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