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Film Fridays – I don’t Think That Would Make a Good Creamer….

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I… I don’t even know what to say about this video

Actually I was pretty impressed with how steady she was able to hold that cup for a pretty long time. haha
What about you?
Any thoughts?

9 comments to Film Fridays – I don’t Think That Would Make a Good Creamer….

  • badbadgirl

    I was surprised that she didn’t give him third degree burns!!

  • single gal

    it’s kinda like a caffeinated protein shake.

  • Miss Belle

    I’m not sure that would be a good combination. But who knows?

  • Prospero

    Agreed. Pretty steady hand there, even if we are suspicious enough to think they could have swapped out cups and saucers a couple of times. Speaking of editing, I wish someone would have cut out that guy at the end. What a sourpuss. ;)

  • Anonymous

    coffee creamer,,, u’s doin it wrong XD

  • horny guy

    that was cool…

    A Bit too fake having the guy cum without waking up tho..

    if that was me, i doubt very much would actually end up in the cup.. hahaha

  • Dontsuck

    Funny it is!
    On the other hand, I don’t know why but I do not like watching dicks, only women having sex with each other appeals to me. Somehow I have difficulties believing that a woman would ever want to touch a penis – but then again, I have two children.

  • The Wandering Lover

    Kinky but very arousing clip. I’d be really turned on by a girl wanting to use my cum as a creamer in her coffee. And enjoy it!!

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