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Happy Holidays!!

Hope you get what you want this holiday season!

Hmmm looks like one lucky reader will certainly get what he wants!
Frank is the lucky winner of The S Spot Sexmas Contest!!


So what about you?
Did Santa leave you anything sexy in your stocking this year?


Another year older, another year wiser – but not any less naughty!!

Trick or Treat

So… do I get a trick or a treat?


Enjoy Your Holiday and Pie!

Do you think she’s reading the new DoaF?

BoobieThon 2010!

I’ll be kicking off Cocktoberfest next week
(which means you still have time to get your submissions and beers in!)

But in the meantime you should check out BoobieThon 2010!

Bloggers and women from all over have gotten together to bare their boobs to raise money for breast cancer research!

You [...]

Happy Canada Day!

I hope my fellow Canadian are enjoying their day off!

Five Years of The S Spot!

Go on, have a bite of cake!

Wow, can you believe The S Spot has been kicking around the internet for 5 whole years already?
That kinda blows my mind a little.

In those five years, this site has grown in popularity (by a lot),
seen multiple re-designs (this is my fave [...]

It’s The Year of The Tiger

Great, now “Eye of the Tiger” is stuck in my head….

Will You Be My Valentine?

Vaginas and The OTHER V-Day

Part of the reason why The S Spot holds the month of February as a celebration of all things Vaginal (aka Squishy and Pink Month), is to highlight some of the work being done to support and protect women all over the world by the people over at VDay.
If you have some time, [...]