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Toy Review – Hump Bump & Vibe


You know, every once in a while, when I’m having sex on my stomach, I wish that there was some way I could add a little more to the experience – but all the vibes and bullets I have just end up mashing into my pubic bone or clit and hurting!  Thank goodness my friends at SportSheets sent me their Hump Bump to try.

The Hump Bump is a little mound of squishy foam covered in the same velvety material that SportSheets uses on their other products (like the doggy style strap) except on the bottom – the bottom is velcro.  They put velcro on the bottom so that you can stick the Hump Bump to other surfaces, like to their Doggy Style Strap, Pleasure Pillowcase, and SportSheet Bedsheets.

The Hump Bump also has a slot at either end for the bullet vibe that comes with it.  One side holds the vibe straight up and down and the other side holds it at an angle.  The vibe itself has an on-off switch (that actually works!!).

On to the review!

What we liked: I was impressed with how strong the bullet vibe was – its little motor was so strong that it actually made my hand go numb if I held it for too long.  That said, it was more comfortable to play with when we tucked it into the hump bump and held onto that.  Having such a strong vibe was a smart move because it meant that even when I didn’t have it positioned directly over my clit I could still enjoy it, and so could he.  I was worried that the bump would be uncomfortable to lay on, but it totally squished down perfectly and was no problem.

What we didn’t like: This didn’t matter in our case, but you should know that the vibe is fairly loud – if you don’t have music playing, someone in the next room would probably hear it.   Other than that I guess my only complaint could be that I still occasionally had to adjust it under me while we were having sex, but I suspect that wouldn’t have happened if I had been using the SportSheets Sheets because the velcro bottom didn’t work on my duvet cover.

This two would be great for: Anyone looking for a fun accessory to go with their other SportSheet products or who just wants a comfortable accessory for sex in general.  Using the Hump Bump was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had with a hands-free vibe type of toy.

The Hump Bump bumps itself into a 9 out of 10:9of10

Want one for yourself?  Try HERE.

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