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A Guest Fantasy

Horny Guy IM-ed me last night. After our conversation, he said that he was going to go masturbate about me and would e-mail me the fantasy when he was done. How’s that for fan mail?! ^_~

“Forgive the writing. I’m not much of a writer… and of course I’m trying to remember what I fantasized about… lol

It starts out with you inviting me for a test session.. seems like u prefer to get a second opinion regarding the candy bra. Naturally, who am I to argue? I enter your apartment, (well I never did ask if u lived in a house or apartment [yes, I do live in an apartment]).

You’re there, dressed in the candy bra along with a small black lace thong. You ask me to assist in a evaluation of the bra. You sit me down on the couch and straddle me. Your thinly covered pussy pressing up against my now hard cock, straining in my jeans.

You offer your candy covered breasts for examination. I start to reach up with my hands, but stop me, telling me to use my mouth instead. So I begin my exploration of the bra… I tell you it tastes a little too sweet. I push the candies around with my tongue until I expose your hard nipples. You grind against me as I tease your nipple with the tip of my tongue. After a while, you decide that the evaluation is over.

Since the bra is now sticky, you decide to remove it, giving me full view of your breasts. I feel my cock grow even harder. You tell me you have a surprise, you bring out a fleshlight. You have me remove my pants, freeing my aching and throbbing cock. I sit back down on the couch and u begin your experiment.

You apply some lubricant, a flavored one that you’ve chosen; I ask why, but you just smile. You slide the fleshlight onto my cock and slowly begin the experiment. My eyes glued to yours as I feel the intense sensation coming from the fleshlight. After a while, I tell you that I’m going to cum… quickly, you pull the fleshlight off and replace it with your warm mouth. My mind goes into sensory overload and my cock explodes in your mouth – filling it with burst after burst of hot cum. You swallow it all and smile.

Thats pretty much it cuz I came during that… :)”

The End. ^_^ What’s your Fantasy?

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