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Film Friday 83 – Mum? Dad?

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This vid reminds me of the time I went into my parents room to look for something and spotted a big bottle of warming lube on the night table….

sometimes it’s shocking for kids to be reminded that parents are people too.

What about you folks? Surely I’m not the only one who’s experienced the sudden shock of realizing that their parents are still sexual beings.

14 comments to Film Friday 83 – Mum? Dad?

  • sweat shop sissy

    i was probably 10 or 11 when i found my mothers stash of ’special’ lingerie.
    and about 14 when i found my dad’s porn collection. they were a very sexual couple so i have no recollection of realizing they were sexual beings. i DO remember being horribly embarrassed by their antics though.

  • Loving Annie

    Good Friday morning Shay !

    I caught my parents when I was 12 and walked in their bedroom one Sunday morning.
    I thought they were fighting and my Dad was hurting her. My Mom was just not into it at all.
    I told my Mom about it later, and after that the bedroom door was locked one the weekends…

  • Cayman J

    That was disturbing the first time i saw it. At least I can say that I’ve never walked in on my parents having sex. They were smart enough to lock the door. And I can soooooooo not imagine your parents having warming lube Shay.

  • animechick


    oh I remember the night i heard the sex.


    i was rather old too, 14

    wore headphones every night from then on.

  • Rupert

    My dad had a huge porn collection when I was growing up. Mostly Penthouse and playboy magazines, which I knew all about, he didn’t really hide them. I did find his stash of dirty novels and a couple of hard core magazines, when I was about 14 or so. All of the dirty novels were pretty much centered around butt sex, as well as the hardcore magazines.

    It was then that I thought about the large jar of Vaseline in the headboard of their waterbed…


  • exile

    i had something like that happen once, i borrowed my dad’s luggage and found something that freaked me out…

  • Daniel

    I have walked in on my parents 3 different times between the ages of 10-12 (I think)(1 time was on MY bed. That one freaked me out a little.) I understand that my parents (and grandparents, interrupted them in the bathroom once. Thankfully I was older than when I walked in on my parents.) do have sex, but it’s not something I really want to walk-in on/interrupt.

  • Shay

    SSS – really? that’s so cute that you were embarrassed by their antics!

    Annie – aww what a shame that it seemed like your mom wasn’t into it.

    CayJ – haha I know!!

    AC – yeah I can imagine you’d want to!

    Rupert – Oooh!! What a twist!

    Exile – hey yeah! I remember that story! hehe

    Daniel – On your bed!?! Kinky! And your grandparents too?! Wow that’s crazy – it’s pretty cool that they were still gettin’ it on, but like you said, not something you really want to walk in on.

  • Dirty Filthy Princess

    I wouldn’t want to walk in on my parents but at this point in my life I am happy for them that they do have relatively good sex. My lil sis once heard them having sex and thought dad was hurting mom. I was an adult and out of the home so mom called me at work the next day and embarrassedly asked me to call and explain to lil sis that everything was hunky dory OK. Poor thing. She was very upset and confused.

  • Cherrie

    I never caught my parents, but when my older daughter was around 10 and she had learned what sex was she took great delight in coming into our room and catching us! That’s really a blast when your man has his cock up your ass . . .

  • Shay

    DFP – awwww your parents are lucky they could count on you to explain it to your sister (since they didn’t feel comfortable about doing it themselves) I’m sure lil’ sis appreciated you telling her.

    Cherrie – What!? That’s hilarious!!

  • n

    I remember getting home late after being at a U2 concert. I ran into their room to tell them all about it only to find them both naked and asleep sprawled out across the bed. It was obvious what they had been up to. Horrid.

  • Stevo

    I’d rather not think about it… Yeah, mom and dad are people too, but.. but.. but… They’re mom and dad! The people that gave life to you. The two people that you do not want to see naked are mom and dad.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

  • Maikeru

    I personally know it happens and can tell when it happens, but have neither seen nor heard it—for the best really. Anyway, it’s not a problem to think of them that way. I mean as long as they’re having a good time it doesn’t bother me. Same goes for other family members as well—doesn’t bother me to know that they’re sexual beings, just that I’ve never seen it nor would I particularly care to.

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