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Diary of a Futa (part 9)

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I couldn’t let you go all summer without getting a little DoaF love!
Welcome to Chapter 9 folks, I hope you will enjoy it!
If it’s been a while, you’ll probably want to go back and re-read Chapter 7 and the Bonus Chapter.

If it’s REALLY been a while I suggest going back to chapter 3 or chapter 5;
and if you’re new here, you should really read from Chapter One!

All caught up?
I hope you enjoy this new chapter – let me know what you think in the comment section below.

I  stood there in stunned silence for a moment. “Laura, did you use the purple liquid while I was out?” I asked, feeling a little betrayed.

“No!  I just woke up like this.  I woke up, noticed you were gone, and then found THIS between my legs.”

Marny kept looking back and forth between us, like someone watching a tennis match – though in our case, I guess, there were no balls. “Does that mean you don’t have a dick anymore?” Marny asked me.

I silently unzipped my fly and let my semi-hard cock flop out; Marny’s eyes widened. I moved further into my room, my cock bobbing gently ahead of me; Marny couldn’t take her eyes off of it.  Realizing that made my cock pulse and harden a little more.  Laura was watching it too and then she looked up, grinning at me.

“Do you wanna compare?” she asked, grinning like a Cheshire cat, “I wanna see whose is bigger!”

“Uh sure, if you want.” We’d gone through a phase like this when we were just starting puberty together – constantly comparing to see whose breasts were coming in faster and were growing bigger.  Laura’s may have beaten mine in the size department, but that never really mattered to either of us in the end, it had been all about the comparisons at the time.

Now that she’d brought  it up, I figured that I wouldn’t mind comparing my cock with hers – glancing over, I had a feeling that mine would at least be thicker.

“Oh goodie,” squealed Marny, surprisingly eager, “I’ll get a ruler!”  She sprang up and rummaged around in my desk drawer for a moment, coming back triumphantly with a tape measure. “Now take off your stuff so we can get a good look at you.”

Vaguely amused and aroused, I obligingly stripped off my pants and T-shirt, leaving my bra on.  Laura and I stood side by side, with Marny on her knees in front of us, tape measure in hand.  Talk about a surreal experience!  I never ever would have thought that I’d be standing next to my best friend with my roommate kneeling between us to measure our penis size, all three of us practically giddy with arousal!

“Wait! Before you measure, I want to make sure I’m the hardest I can be!”

“Well, how are you gonna do that Laura?” I asked.

“Suck my dick.”


“C’mon, I did yours and Marny did mine, it’s only fair!”

“Fine, I guess you’ve got a point.”  I grudgingly got to my knees and examined Laura’s new appendage.  It was dark pink at the head, the shade kinda reminded me of her pussy lips when I had been eating her out earlier.  It smelled like her pussy too, lightly musky and sweet.  I felt my own cock throb a little, it was fully hard again.

With one hand I held her cock steady and I slowly took it into my mouth.  As I worked on her cock, I slid my other hand down my own shaft and dipped my fingers into my pussy, using my own juices to lubricate my hand and started jerking myself off.  At the edge of my consciousness I could hear Laura start to groan softly as she gently thrust her cock towards my mouth, trying to get me to take it deeper.

“Okay, that should be enough!” shouted Marny, snapping us out of our sexual reverie. “C’mon you guys, I thought you wanted to do this measuring thing,” she continued, holding up the tape measure.  I noticed she looked a little flushed; I bet Marny had been worried about being left out if we started fucking each other again.

In the time we’d been living together Marny and I had generally gotten along really well; we spent a lot of time hanging out together and shared a lot of mutual friends, but we’d never really been as close as Laura and I.  Certainly we’d never crossed any lines – though there was that time last year when I’d overheard the guy she’d been seeing fucking her in the shower.  I’d felt a little guilty, but his grunting and her moaning had sounded so hot that I’d had to go to my room and masturbate.  Every time I’d had sex in our place since then I couldn’t help wondering if she was hearing me and getting turned on too.

Dutifully Laura and I stood side-by-side, with Marny kneeling between us with the tape measure.  Marny measured mine first, but I guess it was harder that we thought it would be to line up the tape measure along the underside of my shaft.

“You’re getting the tape measure all sticky Marny!”

“Well I can’t help it, your dick is all sticky!”

“Well clean it off for her then,” giggled Laura.

“Fine!” and before I could say anything, my cock was plunged into Marny’s mouth.  She gently sucked it as deep as she could and then popped it out of her mouth to flick her tongue back and forth down the entire length of my shaft.  I leaned my head back and moaned.

“Whoa whoa there, I think she’s clean enough now,” interrupted Laura, now getting a little flustered herself.

“Aw are you getting jealous?” teased Marny, eying Laura from the other side of my cock.  She shifted towards Laura and grabbed her cock too; Laura let out a low groan. Marny shifted some more and took Laura’s cock in her mouth; but after a few bobs, and before I could protest, she was back at my cock, sucking and licking my cock-head.  I can’t be sure how many moments this went on for, but before long I had to speak up.

“Marny, I can’t take it!  We’re going to have to figure something else out, because I can’t stand it when you’re sucking Laura instead of me!”

Marny just grinned and started shimmying out of her shorts…


41 comments to Diary of a Futa (part 9)

  • Mihal Aviri

    Hm, nice little thing you got going on there. I wonder who will end up with a penis next??

  • Morning-Wood

    I wonder when shay is going to make a cameo appearance in DoaF.^^

    *whispers* “I think it should be shay! That would be an interesting story twist.”

  • Morning-Wood

    *whispers to Mihal Aviri*^ hurray for not rereading my own comment!

  • yuuuuus

    Finally! I stumbled upon your little site here from JD’s blog. I love this story, and actually I’ve had about 3 orgasms today because of it! Post more, and often! Seen that you dont post these often. Love the writing style. Ah man, I’m gunna have to *ahem* before bed! hehe. :D

  • Hugo

    and the measures? :)

  • Hard Stiff

    Im also a new person from jd’s site. I love this story. I hope you do more installments and more often. Hopefully at least once a month

  • Chris

    Hadn’t seen this story yet, so I had to get all caught up too.
    I love the whole thing, very well done and so hot and sexy =)
    Keep at it Shay, don’t leave us hanging!

  • Tank

    Shay! I love DoaF! :D but the suspense in waiting for the new chapters is killer! You made us go nearly all summer with out an update, and it was a sad summer indeed. nice save ;) keep up the great work! i look forward to the next chapter! hopefully soon!

  • haha I’m glad you’re enjoying it everyone ^_^

    Don’t worry, I’m planning to go back to releasing a chapter a month for the next little while. So you won’t have to go TOO long before you get the next one. ^_~

  • Dan

    DoaF chapter are becoming better and better. Congratz Shay =)

    A chapter a month would be great. *-*

  • Zartog!

    I think going to a set format like a chapter a month is essential. I enjoy them but to be honest, the gap between each chapter is kind of making me lose interest. Good job there are dirty girls with cocks in there when a new chapter is released :D

  • Anon

    Thank you so much for more! I had such a great little session earlier today, re-reading them all… ;)

  • Tsuyoi

    Started reading at JD’s stumbled here, never been a huge fan of Futa hentai, the odd porn scene now and again, however i couldn’t get away from this! read from start to current wanting more! i think my dick has been erect over 4 hours now.. should i call a doctor even if no pills are involved? :P

  • Great new chapter! It has been so long that I also went back to reread the old chapters. You have a great talent. Can’t wait for more! :)

  • Dr.Herb

    i love every thing u wright i havint been on in a bit but ur just the best ever plz plz keep wighting ur just the best

  • neku

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    Wow.. I love this story so much, usually, being a male, reading about an all girls thing makes me feel left out, but this is different, I think it`s because there’s penis involved xD and Penis just makes anything better.

  • Alex

    Where is the 10th part, it’s been two months D:

  • Ashley

    I hope she didn’t forget ):

  • Shay

    sorry guys, I’ve just been really busy with school – I’ll get to it as soon as I have time :)

  • Alex

    Awesome, looking forward to it :D

  • Tashster

    very hot cant wait for more

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    OMG!!! I just found this, and came three times while I was reading it. (I started at Chapter 1and read straight – well not exactly straight – but all the way through.

  • Ashley

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    I’ve been following for a while now (found it back in April), and it never fails to get me in the mood ;P I agree, your writing style is excellent.
    Though I do understand the part about school, please write more as soon as you can!

  • Silver

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  • josh

    ok, i’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but i’m kinda new to the whole sexual world……does the size actually matter that much?

    i hear sayings in both directions all the time. also, what is a good size, the girl laura said in an earlier chapter that ‘she was to big to deep throat’ can a guy be to big?

    i’m sorry for asking this here, but i’m nto sure i’d ahve the courage to ask in an e-mail, sorry shay.

    ps. just measured….7.5 long and 2.25 thick…is that good?

  • Moya

    When will Part 10 be coming out? I enjoy this series very much, and I have missed seeing it appear.

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    I cant wait till part 10 comes out. I love them. Great job. I’m looking forward to reading the next one. :D

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    ok the first time i started reading this i read chapters 7-9 and yes it was very arousing. after a couple of weeks i decided to start from the beginning and read the whole story.


    i was so horny i literally waited at least 15 minutes to be able to pee (too hard). i say at least 15 because it felt like forever, it felt like i had to explode first (which i wasnt going to do yet). you have to make another one.

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    I just read all the comments and I’m already calm though. Which means I either have an excellent control over my erections or I have a problem. Don’t worry, it’s not that your stories aren’t good, ’cause I had a hard one when reading them. Oh, I think it was the disappointment of there not being another chapter. Ok, I’m going to stop talking about my penis now, cause it feels kinda weird. Looking forword to the next chapter!

  • Shay

    Okay – I’m sorry for the super long delay guys!!
    I’ve just gotten a whole bunch of serious (aka not sexy) work out of the way and I am committed to getting the new chapter up sometime in the next two weeks.
    I just hope you aren’t disappointed after all this build up!

  • Tech

    Well I am looking forward to whatever you have in store for us Shay.

  • deja vu

    Sweet, I can’t wait.

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