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Farewell Bikini HNT

Two weeks ago a bought a new bikini to replace my old one.
A good bikini is very hard to come by when you have an actual woman-y shape.
So this week’s HNT is an homage to my now retired bikini.

It has served me well for at least 3 years.
I suppose it’s just as well, the toenail polish that I had to match it was just about dried up anyway.

Since I’m going to be away next week I won’t be posting an HNT because I probably won’t be able to visit back the people who visit me on Thursdays.
I do my best kids, but sometimes life gets busy.

21 comments to Farewell Bikini HNT

  • Cayman J

    ahh fairwell old friend. you shall be missed, but one must upgrade when needed. I think that we need a picture to see what new swimsuit you got to fit your lovely womanly figure. ;)

  • Suze

    Shay, make sure you take lots of pics in your curvaceious new one. Have a great holiday.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  • HNB

    Have a great vacation hon. With lots of cool pics for us.

    Very cute bikini. I used to hate to throw a swimsuit. Now I hardly get to use them:(

    HHNT! Have fun, be safe, we’ll miss you.

  • DZER

    so the next hnt we get will be you in the NEW ‘kini? ;)

    as always … delicious, darlin’

  • Madame X

    I love new suits but it hurts to get rid of the old one, doesn’t it?

    Boy you sure are curvy!

  • JUnderCovers

    I do love seeing all your curves, Shay, but isn’t that cheating, recycling an old picture? ;)

  • Sexy Duet

    That is one nice bikini, sure would love to see the one that is replacing it! Happy HNT

    Ms SD

  • lily

    What a cut little bikini. You wear it very well. Your puppy is adorable too!

    Happy HNT!

  • The Melody Censor

    It was a damn fine littel number my dear!

    Happy HNT

  • AlwaysArousedGirl


    Have fun on vacation. Wear plenty of sunblock!


  • me

    Cute suit! It’s sad to let the trusted old friends go sometimes …:( Happy HNT though! Looks like a nice beach there!

  • adam

    Have a great Vacation!!

    Beautiful Bikini…Nice beach!!

    HHNT!! Gonna miss ya. Have fun, in the sun! See you when ya get back!


  • melanaise

    aww mine has ties on the side too!! and I agree…it’s hard to have curves and be little too and find a swimsuit. The book of fashion is skewed.

  • padme

    Have a great vacation! Really sexy bikini. :)
    Happy HNT!

  • Ronan

    Oh, Shay.

  • Emily

    That is a lovely bikini.. and they get all hot and bothered about retiring jerseys? You should hang that ‘kini on YOUR wall!
    Happy HHNT!

  • Semi-Celibate Man

    Yay for the woman-y shape! Happy HNT

  • loz

    hehe, I like Emily’s idea! happy hnt, and enjoy your time away :).

  • horny guy

    so when do we get to see you in the new bikini?

  • Horny Old Guy

    Nothing wrong with that bikini or the sexy woman that is wearing it! BOING! Game me a boner and at my age that is a GOOD thing! I’ll look forward to the new bikini of course!!! Have fun on your vacation Shay darlin’!

  • Pandora

    Wow… u r definately a lovely woman!

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