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Shhhh The Neighbours Might Hear

“My partner and I live in an apartment with rather thin walls and often worry about whether or not our neighbours can hear us when we have sex. This made us a bit self-conscious when we first moved in, but since then we’ve learned to keep the noise level down over time.

Still, it is a [...]

Be a Calendar Girl or Boy!

You might have already heard a few whispers around the internets about the Sex Blogger Calendar project.  12 sex bloggers in NYC have banded together to make a special pin-up calendar.
Special how, you ask?

There are tons of things that make this calendar special:
These sex bloggers themselves will be the pin-up models for the [...]

Win A Free Sex Toy Contest – The Results

I had some great entries, in fact, we’ve seen a few already HERE – but I thought you might like to see a few more before I announce the winner.

For instance, even a few more bloggers managed to find the time to send in entries:

Dangerous Lilly sent in this pretty shot:

ooo titillating

And Jan [...]

Product Review – Delight

The Delight is a beautiful  toy; it’s curvy, it’s colourful, and it comes in a neat little box – just like me! (except for that box part)  I wasn’t sure what to expect when those cool people over at Babeland sent me a mystery box of toys, but I was excited to give this nifty [...]

CockBlogging Wedneday 120

This week’s cock belongs to the Sweltering Celt’s boyfriend – that’s right, she’s back!
(click img to see what he’s really holding)

“Here you go, m’dear… this is quite possibly the most talented cock on the face of this earth… and longer lasting than Big Red gum…
(OMG, that’s a horrible pun when you [...]

How Natural Can I Go With “Natural” Lube?

“We have tried various types of lubricant obtained as samples with good success but my lady is very much the earth mother type who prefers natural materials.

Her favourite toy is a rabbit which cannot be used with silicon lubes according to the label. Also she finds the glycerine based lubes too sticky, only KY is [...]


1)   Reminder:  You have 16 hours left to send in your fabulous submission for the “Win a Free Sex Toy” Contest!  ^_^

2) Your very own Shay has been invited to join The Best Sex Bloggers, you can expect to see her durty words appearing there on a semi-regular basis.

3)…. darn… I was so sure there [...]

Oh you know, just a wax

Looks like she needs something like THIS too


Product Review – Super Sex Sling

The Super Sex Sling by SportsSheets was one of the items I was most excited to try in the box of goodies those nice people at Vibe Review sent me to try.

The sling is fairly simple in design: it has a comfy neck pillow with two adjustable straps attached on either side, at the end [...]

Blow, Blew, Blowing

I was chatting with a good friend of mine about Monday’s post (the one about the guy who can’t cum and it turns out it’s because people keep walking in on him).

My friend felt that it really can’t be called a “blowjob” if he doesn’t cum at the end of it, because it’s just not [...]