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Win A Free Sex Toy Contest – The Results

I had some great entries, in fact, we’ve seen a few already HERE – but I thought you might like to see a few more before I announce the winner.

For instance, even a few more bloggers managed to find the time to send in entries:

Dangerous Lilly sent in this pretty shot:

ooo titillating

ooo titillating

And Jan and Zan sent me a whole bunch:

Youve seen Jans entry before, but its worth seeing again

But who is the winner?

The lucky person who will get to chose their prize?

Will it be a blogger?

Will it be a regular reader?

Will it be someone who used paint? Someone who used food?  Someone who used makeup or markers?

Alright….. I suppose that’s enough stalling, you just really want to know who the winner is, amiright?


First let me tell you a little bit about how I picked my winner.

You see, all the entries sent in were so good, I really couldn’t pick a “best in show”!  So I decided to leave it all up to chance.

Each entry was assigned a number based on the order in which I received them, then I used a random number generator to give me a number, then I added together all of the digits in that number (it was big) to find the number of the winner (incidentally, if that number had been too big I would have added the digits together again until I found a result that hit within my range).

And what was the winning entry number?  Lucky number 5!

And who does entry #5 belong to?

None other than Amber’s girlfriend M!

Congrats M!!

Congrats M!!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in an entry and a big thank you to Eden Fantasys for providing the fabulous prize!

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win this time, there’s always next time folks. ^_^

1 comment to Win A Free Sex Toy Contest – The Results

  • omfg! these entries were the most brilliant ideas for your contest ever!

    man, i was going to enter, but now i see i wouldn’t have stood a chance.

    (is there a prize for sucking up? hehehe)

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