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Product Review – Super Sex Sling

The Super Sex Sling by SportsSheets was one of the items I was most excited to try in the box of goodies those nice people at Vibe Review sent me to try.

The sling is fairly simple in design: it has a comfy neck pillow with two adjustable straps attached on either side, at the end of each strap there is a cushy ankle/foot restraint.   So it’s not too hard to figure out how to use this little device. ^_~

The idea is that, while using this sling and laying on my back, I’ll be able to comfortably hold my legs in the air in any position; this means easier access, less physical strain, and potentially deeper penetration.

What I liked: the neck and ankle pads were definitely soft and very comfortable to wear and the straps were super easy to adjust.  The whole set up has sort of a restraint feel, which definitely upped the kink factor – there’s nothing like using a toy that sets you up to be on display with your legs splayed as far as they will go. I also liked that the whole set-up still worked with my knees bent too.  The sling held my legs up as promised: comfortably and wherever I put them.

What he thought: “It was fun to use and something different to play around with in the bedroom, but I don’t think I’m addicted to using it or anything.”

What we didn’t like: The sling promised to grant him more access to my body, but we found that the straps seemed to get in the way sometimes.  Also, while the neck pillow certainly was comfortable, it didn’t feel terribly sexy to wear – I found it a little bulky and didn’t like how it occasionally  got in my face in some  positions.  Also, I thought it was a shame that the ankle restraints were too small to double as thigh restraints.

Note: One limitation of the Super Sex Sling is that, while the straps are awesome for holding your legs up in the air, they don’t also increase your flexibility – so you can only get your legs into positions that they could already stretch to themselves.  You might want to do a little extra stretching at the gym so that you can really get into some hot, porn-star-esque positions.

This toy would be great for: couples looking to try a little something different in the bedroom (or on a thick living room rug).   Although we didn’t have a chance to try it, this sling would also be great for getting a partner in position for anal; it can help comfortably lift their legs high in the air and hold them there without strain.

The final verdict? The Super Sex Sling did live up the majority of it’s promises, but I also didn’t feel that it significantly changed my sex life.  Like the Doggy Strap before, it gets a respectable 6 out of 10.

Hmmmm prehaps under the bed restraints are more my speed ^_~

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