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How Natural Can I Go With “Natural” Lube?

We have tried various types of lubricant obtained as samples with good success but my lady is very much the earth mother type who prefers natural materials.

Her favourite toy is a rabbit which cannot be used with silicon lubes according to the label. Also she finds the glycerine based lubes too sticky, only KY is worse.

She wants to use a vegetable oil, either coconut or olive.  We have used the coconut oil occasionally but I not read anything about more regular use.  What are the pros and cons of vegetable oils used regularly?  Could they do any damage to delicate tissues? Or, less importantly, toys?

Your lady has the right idea, more natural lubes = less chemicals in/on your body and that’s always a good thing.  There are a number of earth and body friendly lubes out there, products like Emerita , Babeland’s Natural Lube, and O’My are just a few.
Vegetable oils are also okay to use as a lubricant; olive oil is one that I’ve even heard of  gynecologists recommending.  But no one has done any recent studies (that I can find) on using vegetable oils as sexual lubricants, so I really can’t tell you what the long term effects might be on your bodies – esp her inner workings (if any).   Keep in mind that you will want to watch out for the sugar content in lubes that are meant for cooking/eating.
However, from what I can tell, vegetable oils might not be completely safe to use with condoms or with some toys like her rabbit (which is also likely full of pthalates ), so that is something else to keep in mind.
I hope that answers your question and gives you both some good ideas. ^_^

2 comments to How Natural Can I Go With “Natural” Lube?

  • if you’ve got a babeland near you (or feel inclined to order off the site), i’d really recommend BabeLube (previously called Slippery Stuff) by babeland. it’s manufactured by a local company, doesn’t have nasty chemicals (no taste, no smell!), and is water based so it reactivates with just a few drops of water. plus, it’s always fun to take a mid-romp sip of water and go down on each other ;)

  • Mike_NJ

    In my own single experience with vegetable oil, I can say it stinks after a lot of friction.

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