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Cockblogging Wednesday 192

I don’t think I usually get jet lag when I fly within Canada
(it’s a pretty big country – 2nd in the world to Russia – but still).

But this time I feel like I’m going to bed way later than usual and not sleeping in very late…
Though who knows, maybe I’ll crash over the next few hours and sleep really late tomorrow.

just because I’m feeling displaced doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your CBW!!


Hi Shay,  Love your blog and how fun it is. I know you mentioned recently that you were running low on CBW material so I thought I’d help out. My cock is actually probably the part of my body I’m most happy and comfortable with. Hopefully you enjoy!

Toy Review - Tenga Egg

Tenga is quickly becoming recognized as a major player in the jack-off device game (if fact, I’ve reviewed the squeeze play in the past) – though their products aren’t as durable as something like a Fleshlight, they are cheaper, which does make them attractive to guys/couples who’d like to try a sleeve but don’t want to invest too much coin.

The Tenga Egg definitely fits this description – it runs fairly cheap (currently US$8.50), but is not meant to sustain too many uses (more on that later).  The packaging for this sleeve is pretty great – it looks like an egg (hence the name) and would be discrete enough to pack in your carry-on if you wanted to take it on a trip (it would also pass a cursory room inspection by a not too nosy parent or date).  If fact, I actually had to have this toy transported to me by a male friend and he had no clue what it was.

Once you open up the egg container, the sleeve inside can be removed – it’s super soft and feels a bit delicate (which goes with the egg theme even more).  The sleeve is egg shaped with a hole in one end and is made of thermo-plastic elastomer, which is phthalate free, but slightly porous, so this is not a toy for sharing (unless you use condoms).

Since I still don’t have a futa penis, I recruited someone with a penis to help me properly review this masturbation sleeve.  He found the egg shape a little weird, but was willing to give it a try.  The Tenga Egg comes with a sachet of lube, so we lubed it up and got to the testing.

What he liked:  He did like how soft the sleeve felt, and, of course, it did stretch to fit over his non-egg shaped penis just fine.  It was pretty neat, because you can grip the “body” off the egg comfortably without getting lube on your hand while you use it, and when the end sleeve stretches tight over the penis it goes transparent.  He said he preferred it to the Squeeze Play in some ways because you can grip the Egg sleeve as hard as you want.

Eventually we did end up ripping a hole in the end of the sleeve, which was a little disappointing (I’d heard they were fragile, but this was it’s first use!); however, the rip in the tip didn’t really impede our continuing to use it. Even with two openings, it still works just fine as an assist for jerking off – but it does mean that you need some other sort of cum receptacle handy for when you finish.

What he didn’t like: Like I said, it was disappointing that the Egg sleeve ripped so easily, he didn’t think that made it a very good value (though, like I said above, you can keep using it just fine with the rip in it).  He also didn’t really like that it was egg shaped, he explained that this is because, while the egg shape is fun to hold, the toy is really meant to fit over a dick, which is long, not round. This isn’t a real complaint, but the Egg we were trying was the Spider: it has a texture grid inside, which my tester said he couldn’t really feel.

This toy would be great for: I actually think that the Tenga Eggs would make a fun gift – I could see a couple bringing a few with them on vacation for fun or even one partner buying them for the other (preferably one with a penis) before they leave on a trip.  The Tenga Eggs are also sold in a six-pack, which does get you a bit of a discount.   Like I said above, the Eggs are also pretty discrete if you want to travel with them or are worried about a casual visitor spotting one in your room. Like it’s Tenga brothers, the Eggs are a relatively inexpensive (and body friendly) way to experiment with masturbation aids, if you don’t mind having something that will only last you a few uses.

We give the Tenga Egg a 5 out of 10 because we wish it was a little more durable or cheaper.

Cockblogging Wednesday 191



Yep it’s okay, take a moment to laugh, we’ll wait.

Good to go on now?
ok ^_~

This week’s submitter’s denim reminded me that the Calgary Stampede is currently on,
which created a great excuse for a hilarious Toy Story reference (I’m planning to see the new movie next week).
Oh man, hang on a second,
I need a moment to chuckle at my own joke again.

okay, I’m ready to show you the pic now:


Hi Shay,  I read that you were running low on pics for CBW so I would like to donate one of my own. Hope the readers enjoy it should you publish it.

Thank you sir, not only for generously participating in CBW, but ALSO for assisting me in delivering possibly the best CBW pun ever!
Wait, is this a pun or is it innuendo? hmm

Anyway, send in your CBW pix ladies and gents!!

Lubes, Vaginas, and UTIs

I’m curious about lubes, especially those pesky water-based ones containing glycerin. It seems common enough knowledge that the glycerin can induce yeast infections if you’re prone to them; but no one seems to know whether there’s an increased risk of urinary tract infections.

So, can water-based, glycerin-housing lube give me a UTI?

Oh, and while I’m here maybe you can solve another puzzle: how long can I keep a bottle of lube before it becomes more of a threat to vagina than a friend?

If you squirt, should you still pee after sex? If I recall the mechanics of the two, squirting and peeing *should* be functionally the same . . . or are they? Does it matter?

Those are some great questions!
As any good baker knows, yeast likes to eat up sugar, so using a lube with sugar in it (or something that can be converted into sugars – like glycerin) can increase the frequency of yeast infections – especially in women prone to them.

However, UTIs are a little different – they are caused by bacterial migration: generally it’s bacteria like E. Coli from your bum migrating up to your vag. This can happen when a woman wipes back to front after peeing, or it can happen during sex/masturbation, when things are being moved around and everything is slick with juices/lube. This is why experts (including me) suggest that women try to pee after sex/masturbation to clear out any bacteria that may have taken this opportunity to migrate during the chaos and penetration.

SO, will a sweet lube increase your likelihood of contracting a UTI? No, I don’t think it should.

Because of how the infection occurs (the bacterial migration), the sugar/glycerin in a lube shouldn’t really make a difference. The fact that there is lube present COULD plausibly increase the likelihood of bacterial migration I guess (because things are more slippery), but not much more than normal, I’m sure.

That said, one of the things that can increase your chances of getting a UTI is if your urethra is irritated by something – So, if the yummy flavoured lube you’re using irritates your skin (or just your urethra), then it could definitely increase your chances of contracting a UTI.

Some companies make lubes that include an antibacterial agent or are bio-static to try to discourage bacteria from using it as a slip and slide during sex.  Or you could try using a silicone-based lube instead.

As for your other questions:

Check for an expiry date on your lube; if there isn’t one you might want to throw it away once it’s a year old, just to be safe. (A year is totally my own guess work here though.)  Generally lubes have a pretty good shelf life because, like I said above, a lot of manufacturers design them to resist bacteria – however, it’s still a good idea to only buy a bottle as big as you think you can use up in a year.  You’ll also want to store it in a cool/dry place and, if it’s been a while, check to make sure it still smells and looks as good as when you bought it.

If you squirt should you still pee after sex? Sure, why not? Theoretically if the fluid you’re squirting is passing through your urethra then it would work to flush out any migrating bacteria; but personally, I would still go pee afterward anyway, because UTI’s suck so hard that I wouldn’t want to take any chances.

I hope that answers your questions. ^_^

This might not be the BEST way to use up the last of your lube

It Came from the Internets - a look inside the real doll factory

They don’t call it the uncanny valley for nothing…


Cockblogging Wednesday 190


We are just ten cocks away from the 200th Cockblogging Wednesday!
If you want your shlong featured be sure to send it in!!

In other news,
here is this week’s submission!

I keep reading about how we should be eating more organic fruits and veg (especially for things that you don’t take the peel off of);  luckily cocks are always 100% organic!


Love the site.  Here’s a contribution… some medical grade meat ;)

Who Will Be Beating The Heat With a Free Toy?

I just want to take a moment before I announce the winner to remark on how supremely silly it is to enter a contest like this using a fake e-mail addy when you leave your comment.
How did you think I was going to contact you?

i find those balled up tissues extremely curious...


Lucky for Shannon, she did indeed use a valid e-mail address AND the powers that be selected her as the winner!

Shannon has won the very sexy Bcurious vibe from our friends at Babeland

Semen Allergy or Just an Upset Tummy?

Yesterday I was with a brand new partner, I gave him a blowjob, and swallowed. Today, I had woken up around 7am feeling unusually tired and queesy then, around 5:30pm, after a ride in the car, vomited, feeling instantly better afterward.

I do have a history of car sickness, but this is not the first time that something like this has happened. I have experienced this same phenomenon eight times already, six with a ex and, once today, once with a very long term fuck-buddy. This is only the second time this has ever happened with a car.

Help me Super Shay!!
P.S Also, any tips on how/where/what to get a/as first time vibe without a very snoopy parent discovering? Cheap, quiet, mildly powerful, insertable, and rechargable? Doesn’t need ridges or anything super special. Thanks!!

I feel like the time interval between swallowing his cum and when you started to feel ill is too long for it to be an allergic reaction.  But, I’m not a medical expert.  It could be a coincidence, but 8 times seems like a lot of coincidences.  hmmm

Also, nausea and vomiting are an unusual reaction if it IS a semen allergy – usually people with semen allergies experience more “traditional” allergy symptoms: pain and swelling at the contact site (where the cum touched you), hives, trouble breathing, and swelling.  Also, semen allergies are relatively unusual with oral.  This may be because it’s the protein in the semen that people are usually allergic to, and the acids in the stomach burn up those proteins.

Still, if you think your nausea and vomiting had something to do with the semen and it’s not just a stomach bug or a reaction to something you ate (gluten?), I think your best bet might be to play it safe and avoid swallowing for a while.  Have your partner(s) wear a condom while you give him a blowjob (which is safer for you anyway) or just have him finish by hand – if you know what I mean.

If you still wake up feeling nauseous once in a while that may help you narrow down what is actually making you sick (maybe something else you ate/drank?) – if you never get nauseous again then you might want to talk to your doctor about getting tested for some sort of semen allergy.

As for your other question – how about getting one of those little hand-held vibrating back massagers.  There are ones that have three or four “legs” that you can usually find in a lot of different stores.  And since it doesn’t even look like a sexy vibrator, your snoopy parent(s) will have no idea what you’re really using it for.

Good luck!

less in your mouth might be better...

Guess Who's Back

Hey Kiddies,
I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekends.

Did you get up to anything fun/cool/sexy/crazy?
I hope so.

JD actually has this button, I've seen it and tried to steal it. haha

If not, you could read about someone else’s crazy/sexy times…
because my very good friend JD is back from hiatus with a bunch of new stories!
You should stop by and say hello;
tell him I sent you, I know he’ll be glad to see you.


Just a fun reminder that this is the last weekend of Pride celebrations in most places
(since June is Pride Month).
Hope you got out there and had yourself some fun times!