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CockBlogging Wednesday 22 + A Guest Review

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Lou, of UnfetteredCravings gets triple shay points.

Not only did he agree to write a guest review of the fleshlight that he recently purchased, but he helped to support his friendly neighborhood Shay (that’s me!) by clicking on the sexy fleshlight link in my sidebar to buy his. Yay Lou!

Fleshlights have a great reputation and just looking at them makes me wish that I had a penis to try one with – but, since I don’t have my own penis, I’m very glad that Lou let me “borrow” his for this review.

I’ve put this particular toy review as a cockblogging feature because Lou was kind enough to give me/us a play by play of his test with pictures as well as words.
But that’s enough from me, over to you Lou!

“My toy collection, which has grown substantially now beyond the few reviews that I have posted on my own site, was in need of something new.

I heard many speak of the wonders of “The Fleshlight” and I decided that this would be my new purchase. And then I recalled that the amazing and sexy Shay had a link to purchase one through her own site. So, if I was going to purchase one why not let a fellow blogger benefit? I decided to support my local Shay, and purchase through her site.

The beauty of the Fleshlight site is that you can customize your toy – opening (pussy lips called “Lady”, mouth, butt, and the non-descript “insert your quarter here” opening), color and the interior sensation. I selected a lady, pink, with the “wonder wave” sensation, billed as the “next best thing to being there.”

It arrived about 4 business days later, in the standard brown cardboard box. It resembled a shipment of gourmet coffee – smaller than a shoebox.

It arrived in two pieces – the hard silvery plastic case, and the incredibly soft, very well detailed, pink insert. Piecing it together was literally just opening the packaging around the insert, and putting it into the plastic case.

What I liked: The Fleshlight bills itself as “recreating the velvety texture” of a young woman’s vagina. After lubing myself and the toy up (Water-based lube ONLY with the Fleshlight), and spreading the lube around the insides, I was very impressed with the way that the insert stretched to accommodate and surround my cock, as well as the way it felt as I pushed into it.

The sensations were very pleasurable.. The base of the plastic case also unscrews, which allows you to actually adjust the amount of suction your cock feels on the backstroke. Lots of options there to add to the pleasure.

The well-detailed insert is very pliable so that you can actually go deep inside the toy, unlike some other pussy-formed toys for men where the pussy lips are so rigid that you actually never feel like you are “all the way in.” Feel free to hammer away with the Fleshlight, it can take you deep and hard.

But one of the best features of the Fleshlight is that you can remove the insert and immerse it in hot-water for 5-10 minutes, and that actually heats up the insert. Though lube will cool it down a bit, I must to tell you that the warm sensation was absolutely amazing, and resulted in a very intense explosion. I tried it again heated up the next day just to confirm, and the result was another really intense orgasm.

I also found clean up to be quite easy – remove the insert, wash with water. The inserts will wear over time, but you can also buy them separately to give yourself a new feel every now and then.

What I didn’t like: In order to provide for a wide range of man and just to accommodate the inserts, the Fleshlight is quite obviously NOT a flashlight. It’s quite bulky frankly, and easily twice as large as your everyday flashlight.

However, the hard plastic case can take a serious pounding, and insertion between mattresses, etc. so the bulk adds to the durability.

This is a great toy for: Any horny guy looking for a good sleeve-type toy to use on his own or with a partner. The ability to purchase different sensations, different opening styles, etc. certainly gives you some great options.

The word on the street is that the Fleshlight is a great stamina-building device, and I’m inclined to believe that based on the few test runs I have given it thus far.

I now have to see if I can use it at all with a bullet vibe in the bottom of the case, and/or in combination with some of my other toys, but you’ll have to look for further adventures about that back on my own site.

I give the Fleshlight a 9 out of 10. I’m very impressed, and the Fleshlight has already easily outperformed a vibrating pussy I previously owned.


PS- If you want a Fleshlight, scroll down and/or click here – and keep supporting your local Shay!”

Aww thanks Lou!

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18 comments to CockBlogging Wednesday 22 + A Guest Review

  • Aragorn

    Very excellent post Shay and Lou … I know how much you would enjoy the feeling of having a penis dear Shay, but, look at it this way, the lack of one makes you desire for all the sex you can get … and keeps this horny and exciting blog going … lol. Really very nice post you two !! Thanks. I have never seriously considered experimenting with this type of toy, but maybe I should …
    Cheers – A

  • Strumpet

    This looks like heaps of fun.

    Those pics were pretty hot too, dude.

    Very nice job, you two!

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Lovely, Lou.

    Shay, what can one purchase with Triple-Shay Points?


  • Anonymous

    Are those vibraters good for the anal opening?

  • horny guy

    oh man, I am soo tempted to buy one now…

  • Dielo

    Fleashlight?? You’ve got to be fucking kidding.

  • Shay

    Aragorn – You never know, you might really enjoy it and I bet Orchid would have fun using it on you. ^_^

    Strumpet – hehe I love the pic of the lube dripping in and the last pic, where it looks like his cock is curious to check out the new toy. ^_^

    AAG – mmmm I’m not sure. I’m willing to consider suggestions though. ^_~

    Anon – which vibrators?

    HG – Do it! You know you want one ^_~

    Dielo – haha you made to double check my spelling to make sure I hadn’t made an error!
    So what’s wrong? You don’t like fleshlights?

  • Horny Old Guy

    Hmmm…could have used one of those things many times in my life during “dry spells” between relationships…as a matter of fact I could use one right now. Are they available at Walmart?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Lou. You’ve convinced me. I’ve also contributed to my “neighborhood Shay.” Do I get Shay points?

  • Shay

    Thanks Anon!
    and of course you get shay points! ^_~

  • Anonymous

    Nice post! This is one more good example how to use sex toys.

  • Anonymous

    Nice post! Thanks for it. It’s one more example of ways of using sex toys.

  • george

    i’ve got the the “buy two get one free” so i have a wide range of tubes and textures.

    my only complaint is the quantity of lube required to lube up and get off. i especially like the new k-y tingling lube, but it’s rather expensive, and the fleshlight inserts really soak it up.

  • Shay

    Mr.Fleshlight said:
    Wow – omg this is a coooool review .. Im a fleshlight fanatic myself .. but this review is cooler than most I have seen – and with HOT photos too …Thanks man

  • Anonymous

    Just ordered mine sunday, will be here tomorrow! Let you know how it is.

    Quick joke: How do you make your girlfriend scream during sex, call her up and tell her!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, thanks for posting this review. Been on the fence about this for some time now. I used your link to make my purchase, hope it helped :)

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