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HNT and Reader Question

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I just want you to know that I had a VERY hard time trying to pick a picture for this week’s HNT.
But I decided to go with this one.
Today it was nice and hot out so I went for my first blade of the season (rollerblading).
I could feel the warm breeze on my bare shoulders and I didn’t fall down!
The scuffs you see on my wrist guards are from my last blade of last fall; I lost my balance at a messed up bit of sidewalk and a car-full of guys who were stopped at a red light saw me and went “Ooh!” (I’d like to think it was a sympathetic “oh” and not a mean one).
Another few interesting factoids about my wrist guards: they are child’s sized and they are awesome because they protect my hand and wrist but still give me lots of finger space for taking things out of my pockets and opening doors and whatnot.
Oh fine, Joe has been making me feel guilty about posting tame HNT’s, so here is a more “fun” pic for you.
Happy Now?
(well HAH this is an older picture)
And now for the reader question:
“Dear Shay,
Here is a question for you….
Are you happy in your sex life, I am impressed with everything you ever wrote, and I have been following your blog forever… I admire your vast knowledge, and the way you reply to your readers.

I thought I should let you know, that I have learnt so much from your blog, by finding it by accident. I love the hentai, and because I live in a country where such websites are restricted, I have made my own collection with you being my only source…. and yes, you have turned me into an addict – like so many of your other readers.

I admire that you are an intelligent young lady, you study, you care, you always reply with the right thing to say… and you don’t offend anyone… so keep it up.
So back to the question – are YOU happy in YOUR sex life? and what about your partners, do they not feel threatened by all your knowledge or experience – that they will never be able to measure up – or do you play a low profile, and not necessarily let your partner know who you really are….

Thank you for that great e-mail and question N. It is so gratifying to know that someone appreciates my efforts and my blog. ^_^
As for your first question, the short answer is yes, but I’m sure you want to hear the longer version.
I won’t pretend that I have sex two or three times a day, because I don’t.
But I do get sex as often as I want/need it and that keeps me very satisfied.
Like many women, there have been times when I’ve wished my body would cooperate a little more or that my orgasms would be harder/faster/better, but overall, as I’ve said, I AM happy with my sex life.
As for my partners, it never occurred to me that they might be threatened by my knowledge -many people find knowledge about sex very sexy and I’ve never had a complaint so far. Besides, there is always more to explore with and to learn from a partner.
Out of respect for past lovers, I don’t talk a lot about my past experiences with new partners, unless it’s relevant or important. They might not know where I learned a certain trick or two, but they certainly aren’t opposed to benefiting from it. ^_~
But I certainly never hide who I really am from my partners. I might keep a bit of a low profile at first (I can’t go glomping every cute person I see and for some reason people who meet me ‘irl’ seem to think that I’m a lot more innocent and prude-y than I really am – I blame the glasses), but by the time they are my partner, they know a lot about “who I am”.
I hope I answered your questions N!

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