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Cat-Girls and the Sexuality of Cats

It’s a known fact that Anime artists (in general) like cats, so the inception of the Cat-Girl is no surprise, but the nature of cats surely plays a role it’s this merging.

Cats have many important qualities that make them perfect for being combined with young women in hentai (and anime). There is something luxurious and sensual about cats, how they carefully clean their lithe little bodies, strut around a home, and look somehow mysteriously elegant and astute. But cats are also cute and playful – getting into trouble, seeking pleasure and fun, and their perky ears and frisky tails are just too darn cute (please excuse me, I’m having a cat moment) .

Historically, cats have long been associated with women and with many of the same qualities as women.

In ancient Egypt, cats were associated with fertility and were considered the embodiment of the fertility goddess Bastet. The Romans and Norse people picked up on this idea and cats were associated with their fertility goddesses as well (Artemis and Freya).

When Christianity started taking over Europe, the cat maintained it’s association with sex, sensuality, and fertility, but in a less positive light. This was a time when women were considered to be the weaker and more sinful sex. The lustful mating behaviour and pagan associations made the cat an ideal symbol for Eve (the first “sinful” woman).

For centuries cats, in European artwork, alluded to carnality, sensuality and temptation.

Because of it’s association with sensuality and sex, the cat became the symbol of prostitution and courtesans in the 15th century. Men in this era talked about chasing “cats tail” – this is where the terms “tail” and “pussy” (as applied to women and their genitalia) originated. Even today, we use terms like ‘sex kitten‘ in a play on the sensuality associated with both women and cats.

Cats were not just popular in Europe, many other countries and cultures have prized the cat for thousands of years – and since they missed out on the European dark/middle ages, their cats did not typically pick up any demonic associations.

In Japan cats were a favourite pet of the nobility and were associated with luck – today there is still a Buddhist temple dedicated to cats and many homes and businesses (even in North America) display a Maneki Neko, a statue of a cat with a raised paw, who welcomes good luck and fortune.

This brings us to cat-girls.

A cat girl is essentially a girl/woman with cat ears. Sometimes they also have a cat tail and/or whiskers. Cat-girls who want to look particularly cute will also wear big gloves and shoes/slippers that look like cat paws – but they do not usually have any fur on their bodies (other than pussy fur ^_~).
Because the main standard for cat-girls is the ears – they are called Nekomimi which means “cat ears”.

Why do we like cat girls? Because they are cute and because there’s something fun and sexy about them. Maybe cats have been associated with women and sex and sensuality for so long, that the cat-girl just seems to fit.

In Anime and especially in Hentai, cat-girls are naughty, playful, and horny – what’s not to love!? Oh and there is also the suspicious similarity between cum and a saucer of cream. ^_~

Typically you can catch your own cat-girl with a well placed scratch behind the ears – move into some stroking down her neck and back or flanks, and she’ll be yours to play with however you like. ^_~ More on catching and keeping a cat-girl HERE.

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16 comments to Cat-Girls and the Sexuality of Cats

  • Strumpet


    I’m loving this post.

    But, you knew that.

    I’m loving all the pics.

    But, you know that too.

    You rock.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    When do we get to see a picture of you in your cat garb?

  • ArtfulDodger

    As usual AAG stole my comment! Comment stealer! Shay Cat, I think you owe it to us all sexy. ;)

  • JUnderCovers

    Way to go, Shay. Now I’m going to feel weird when my cat hops up on the bed tonight for our nightly scratching and meowing session. ;)

    I have an overwhelming urge to scratch your ears and rub your belly, Shay.

  • Stiletto Girl

    I love me some cat girls ;) The second picture is my favorite!

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    That explains why we purr…

  • ~A-Lo~

    Interesting post :-)

  • Shay

    Strumpet – *mew* I thought of you as I posted each pic sweety ^_~

    AAG – Hmmm the trick is to get a shot of the ears without getting my face ^_~ I’ll get to work on that tho. hehe

    Art – *mew* maybe after my saucer of lactose free skim milk. ^_~

    JUnder – excellent! *puurrrrrr*

    Stiletto – Yeah! that pillow looks comfy!

    M_D – exactly!! ^_^

    ALo – thanks! ^_^

  • Dielo

    You forgot Catwoman: “I don’t know about you, Miss Kitty, but I feel so much… yummier“.

    I have a little Maneki Neko cat!

  • Aragorn

    Super, now I know what it was that attracted me in you … LOL. As for dielo, my favorite cat girl is catwoman, Great analysis, fun read. Also, great set of recent posts dear (sorry for my absence while hiking in ‘La Dolce Italia’). Love the HNT … ;-)
    Hugs – A

  • Anonymous

    haha, i always though i was alone when it came to my cat girl fetish, and i was always curious on the reason for why i had in the first place. looking over this, its makes sense. thank you for your artical ms. Shay, and i hope to read more of your work as you continue.

  • Anonymous

    I had a cat-girlfriend(except the tail and ears) when i was 15 or so,and she was some fun, to say the least.

  • Frando

    cat girls! my boyfriend and me love’em! well i do more then he does! lol! my favourite one is the third one, she’s so sweet!

  • Anonymous

    hey, nice view on the whole thing.
    you really brought up a whole pholosophy on it…

  • Shay

    Sheesh! The porn is here, you just have to poke around a little.

    (Also, I think you mean PHILOSOPHY)

  • Darkstarr

    Bit of trivia for you all: “neko yaro”, literally “cat play” in Japanese, is often used to refer to either gay sex or kinky sex, and “neko” (cat) is a Japanese slang term for the “femme” of a homosexual couple… so it’s not just us folks of European descent that use cats as a reference to “naughty” sexuality!

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